WinFX top level dev center

It is exciting to finally see WinFX as top level part of the dev centers.

One question I have for developers, how do you anticipate distributing WinFX Runtime Components with your applications? There are several scenarios we are thinking about:

1. Installing via the Web with your application

2. Installing from CD/Media with your application

3. "Pre-req"ing WinFX for your web based application to work and sending customers to Microsoft to get the download and come back (like Acrobat)

Which do you plan to use? Are there other models we should think about?

Bret Grinslade

WinFX RC Setup Program Manager


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  1. John Stewien says:

    When I wrote .NET 1.1 applications, zipped them up, and e-mailed them to people I would tell them to get .NET 1.1 from Windows Update. This worked well for me.

    With .NET 2.0, having the installer grab the pre-requisites off the net has been great. I would hope that an installer for any WinFX application would do the same. Of course there’s always that person who only has dial up for who you have to make an install DVD/CD, so having the option for installer file to include the pre-requisites would help with those people.

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