MSDN is getting really good

I really like MSDN these days. Sure there are a lot of things that could be better or different.  Dev centers, docs, samples,, RSS feeds and lots more.

I work on the Longhorn SDK.  Even though it is very early and things will certainly change a lot before Longhorn ships… the MSDN web site has basically the entire SDK. That is cool. MSDN has changed. It is better. That is really exciting.

Here are some of my favorite parts of MSDN:

I really don’t use the code center much. I get most of my code samples from the local MSDN library or SDK.  I will need to give this a spin.

This is my first blog post. Let me know what you think about MSDN. Good, bad, what other developer resources you use often.


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  1. Kent Sharkey says:

    Thanks Bret,

    The cheque is in the mail, even if you didn’t include

    TTFN – Kent

  2. A little late to the welcome, but welcome!

    Lately, I have been spending some time with the Longhorn SDK (in particular, at ). Overall, it looks great! Excellant resource!

    I have one complaint, though. The security side of me has to wonder why I have to be logged in as Administrator in order to use the online SDK documenation? When I open the site as a non-Admin, I get a blank page under the header. In order to "see" anything, I have to open an IE session as an Administrator.

    Is this because of the annotation engine? Is it, was it, oh my, installed only to work for users logged in as Administrators?


    Robert Hurlbut

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