Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 Released

Have you looked on Windows Update lately? No? You should... at least if you are a running an English version of Windows Home Server.

Why so? This morning we just released Power Pack 2 to Windows Update!

What do you need to get it? Just make sure automatic updates are enabled and you'll get it automatically tonight, otherwise you can manually run Windows Update from the console and after a reboot you'll have installed and ready:


No... Power Pack 2 does not include Windows Media Center... but with this update, computers that are running Windows Media Center can now connect to your home server to save and play content that is stored in shared folders!

For more details on what Power Pack 2 includes, see the release notes, the main Windows Home Server blog as well on We Got Served, MSWHS, and countless other sites.


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  1. JohnCz says:

    Nice work.  I’m still testing out the changes but I have a couple of questions regarding Windows Media Center Connector.

    1. Does this Connector simply modify Media Center library folder settings to include WHS folders?

    2. How does this Connector differ from Windows 7’s HomeGroup feature?

    3. What was the thinking behind creating a separate Connector application as opposed to integrating it into WHS Connector?

  2. Brendan Grant says:

    1) Yes

    2) Both have a very similar net result… just different ways of accomplishing it… and given Windows 7 isn’t out yet and most PC aren’t running it, a different mechanism is required.

    3) There actually very little admin/control code that exists on a client PC after it installs the connector, so we decided it was simpler to make this be an opt-in installer rather than add functionality to an already simple  application.

  3. Any suggestions if my WHS won’t find the PP2 update?  I forced updates on Wed and was having some issues with .net 3.5 sp1 not installing.  Had to a manual uninstall of .net to get it to take.

    Since then I have checked for updates both in the connector and via the WU site.  No updates at all.  Currently my RESOURCES tab shows:

    Windows Home Server Console: 6.0.1771.0

    Windows Home Server Backup & Restore: 6.0.1771.0

    Windows Home Server Drive Extender: 6.0.1771.0

    Windows Home Server Remote Access: 6.0.1771.0

    Windows Home Server Storage Manager: 6.0.1771.0

    Also, I’ve recently started getting an error WHS cannot open because the following file is blocking it:  HomeServerConsoleTab.TabManager.dll


  4. Brendan Grant says:

    Regarding the tab manager add-in, take a look at this blog post:

    As for not seeing Power Pack 2 on Windows Update and/or not having it be installed automatically… from the build number you describe, it sounds like you are still running the release candidate of Power Pack 1 and not the final version we released back in July last year.

    To remove it… please see the instructions on the Power Pack 1 page on the Download Center:

  5. Joe Miller says:

    For some reason I can no longer play movies from my server, I get an error in media player 11 that states:

    Windows Media Player cannot access the file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct.

    Does anyone else get this error, and is there a fix for it, that anyone knows of???

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