Windows Live Writer Tip #6 – Inserting Quotes

Today starts a mini series within the Windows Live Writer Tip series where the tips are written by Scott Lovegrove.  Scott is a Windows Live MVP as well as the creator of many plugins you can find on his blog.

As a blogger, you will sometimes find yourself wanting to quote someone, whether another blogger, or from another website. There are two very simple ways of doing this.

  1. Type (or paste) your quote into your blog entry and press the block quote button image
  2. Type (or paste) your quote into your blog entry and press the TAB key on your keyboard. To undo a quote, press Shift+TAB. Using this method means you don’t even need to break your stride as you’re writing your blog post.
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  1. Thanks for tagging this post to come into the Clubhouse, Brandon!  Everything seems to be working just great.  Your posts will be super-helpful to our community and to everyone else interested in learning more about Windows Live Writer.

  2. Orland says:

    I just switched to WLW, since WordPress just stopped supporting cut and paste from MS Word – is it possible to change the formatting of quoted text?  I don’t like the black on gray, and I want to turn off the italicizing.  Thanks, Orland

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