Windows Live Writer Tip #4 – © and ® Characters

From inside of Windows Live Writer you can easily add a copyright or registered symbol using typographic replacement. 

To insert a © type a (c) and then press space.

To insert a ® type a (r) and then press space.

If you actually want to type those exact characters you can hit backspace after it does the replacement and it will convert it back to parenthesis version.

This feature doesn't include the trademarked symbol unfortunately.

Update: You do not need to press space.  Thank you vasudev
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  1. Vasudev says:

    I don’t have to press Space, When I type(c) , it automatically converts to © ,

    Also I’ll add, for this to work Tools > Options > Editing > ‘Replace other Special Characters’ has to be checked.

    You are doing a Nice WL Writer Tip series. Thanks !

  2. Donkblog says:

    Its pretty common that bloggers want to link back to an old post. Instead of going to the browser and

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