Broken theme in Windows Live Writer? You can fix it!

One of the nice things about Windows Live Writer is that lets you edit your blog in the same style your readers will actually see.  However, often times, Windows Live Writer cannot detect a blog theme or it incorrectly detects a user’s theme.  These problems can make users angry, and rightfully so. If you have…


It is helpful to know what success is before you can accomplish it.

Last weekend I took a safety class to get my motorcycle license.  At the end of the class you must take a multiple choice test and a riding test.  The class instructors held back the bar of success in both tests even when asked by other students.  We went into both tests blind to what…


Windows Live Writer Tip #11 – Insert Image from Web on Windows 7

During the very late stages of development for the last version of Windows Live Writer we found a bug on our ‘Insert from Web Image’ dialog.  Specifically there was a bug that prevented users from inserting images that that were part of libraries.   This forced us to make the decision to go back to the…


Windows Live Writer Tips #10 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Sometimes, you can be just in the groove when typing your blog entry, and the last thing you want to do is disrupt your flow by having to use your mouse to do something. Fortunately, Writer has a lot of keyboard shortcuts that make this really easy to avoid. Below is a list of some…


How to enable verbose logging in Windows Live Writer

Users can enable verbose logging in Windows Live Writer which will cause the application to log some extra things that it would normally not.  This is often an important step for debugging problems with blog services because it will log all the traffic Windows Live Writer sends to and gets back from the blog, and…


Windows Live Writer Tip #9 – Quickly Inserting Videos

So you’ve found a great video on YouTube (or SoapBox) and you want to share that video with your readers. We all know about the option that’s there in Live Writer under the insert section on the right hand side, which will give you the familiar screen: You take your YouTube link, paste it in…


Windows Live Writer Tips #8 – Add Features to Live Writer Using Plug-ins

Like a lot of programs, there are always some things that Live Writer doesn’t do that you’d like it to do. However, Live Writer has it’s own way of allowing other developers to create those missing features and bits of functionality, and create plug-ins that you can install and then use from within Live Writer….


Windows Live Writer Tips #7 – Blog This

Sometimes you can be on a webpage and think, this is great, I’d like to blog about this. Well, if you’re using Internet Explorer then when Windows Live Writer is installed, a new button appears on the toolbar . Clicking this button will load up Live Writer, with some details already populated, including the post…


The most successful shared components used internally at Microsoft.

Recently, I reflected on all the cross team components we depend on for Windows Live Writer.  Then I thought about the ones that have worked out well for us.  I didn’t think about platforms Microsoft makes like .NET, GDI, DirectX, etc… Instead I thought strictly about things that our ISVs never(or rarely) see, but one…


Windows Live Writer Tip #6 – Inserting Quotes

Today starts a mini series within the Windows Live Writer Tip series where the tips are written by Scott Lovegrove.  Scott is a Windows Live MVP as well as the creator of many plugins you can find on his blog. As a blogger, you will sometimes find yourself wanting to quote someone, whether another blogger,…