Winform Boy in a WPF World – Window Handle

I was fiddling with some WPF stuff the other day and I needed the handle to the form.  Windows in WPF do not have a property to get this like in WinForms, though there is a simple solution.  I have bundled the solution into a property to make it similar to WinForms(It uses my lazy loader class):


    public partial class HandleWindow : Window
        public HandleWindow()
            _handle = new LazyLoader<IntPtr>(delegate { return new WindowInteropHelper(this).Handle; });

        #region Handle
        private LazyLoader<IntPtr> _handle;
        protected IntPtr Handle
                return _handle.Value;

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  1. Aaron says:

    I tried a different approach to adding the Handle "property." Mine takes one liberty by it not actually being a property though. 🙂

  2. Chris Harter says:

    Yes. I had to spend too much time on this for a drumset WPF application I’ve created which uses DirectX.DirectSound.  

    I needed to provide an hwnd in WPF:

    InitializeDirectSound(Window window)


                // Take care of the WPF window hwnd problem

                // I can’t believe how easy this is now that I know!

                IntPtr hwnd = new WindowInteropHelper(window).Handle;



                    // Create the DirectSound device

                    device = new Device();

                    // Set the device CooperativeLevel

                    // note: CooperativeLevel.Normal sets its own format (mono)

                    device.SetCooperativeLevel(hwnd, CooperativeLevel.Priority);




  3. omg says:

    omg instead of all this code you could just PInvoke GetForegroundWindow() and it gives you the handle as IntPtr.

  4. crox says:

    You can take a look here to see why "omg’s" approach may be fatal.

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