XNA Developer Talk Series Event Today

Today (at 4pm PST) I’m giving a talk via Live Meeting about how you can use UI animations in your game to give it the extra polish that’s needed to stand out in a crowded marketplace.


For more information about how to tune in to this talk please visit the creators club site:



My talk is focused on main menu animations, so it may be hard to pick up on the Live Meeting video stream.  If you are following along with the talk and would like to see the demo in action, please check out the video and/or demo code below:



If you can’t make it to today’s talk, I’ll be repeating the talk on Friday (3/26/2010) at 4pm PST.  After this talk I’ll post the slides online.

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  1. vando.pereira says:

    Oh my god, I forgot the live meeting yesterday :s Sorry, but I set an alarm on my phone yesterday, but I didn’t hear it: Sorry

  2. brandf says:

    No sweat vando, the recording should be posted online soon.

  3. DevilboxGames says:

    I watched this talk on the creators club a few days ago and found it incredibly insightful! I’d just started implementing a flexible UI transition/animation system when I came across it, pretty good timing as I was making quite a mess of it 🙂

    I’m really impressed with the flexibility of the code, not just for menu transitions but any sort of animations. It was as easy to make it fade my UI elements in and out as it was to make it fly my camera along a path! A little expansion and the code would be a nice base for a fully fledged scripted sequence system.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us and giving such a good talk on the system and it’s fundamentals, along with saving me time it’s also given me reason to learn about more of C# 3.0’s features like lamba expressions and automatic properties (I can’t believe I never learnt about them before, they’re such time savers!), not to mention its enlightened me about better design of such systems. Thanks again!


  4. brandf says:

    Thanks DevilboxGames!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it.  I hope to do another talk soon.

  5. Crystal Tao says:

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