Wayne The Brain in Peer Review

My brother Nathan and I have been working on an XNA Game Studio game called “Wayne The Brain” for the past few months.  Recently we completed the game and submitted it to peer review. 

If you’re a creators club member, we would really appreciate a review: http://catalog.xna.com/en-US/GameDetails.aspx?catalogEntryId=86175871-8cf3-45c6-93cb-f21daee8a008&type=1

Here’s the official trailer:

Comments (5)
  1. LanceJZ says:

    Hey, that is pretty cool. You only going to have that for the 360?

    Have a look at my first attempt at a game in XNA, I’ve used a tutor to get me started.

  2. vando.pereira says:

    Oh very cool, I’ll buy it in first day:) Please make a post when peer review approve it:)

  3. brandf says:

    Yes LanceJZ, it is only going to be released for the 360 and possibly Windows Phone after Game Studio 4.0 is released.

  4. brandf says:

    Wayne The Brain is up on Xbox LIVE Marketplace now!


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