Performance of Guide.IsTrialMode on WP7

Trial mode is an important part of every XNA game.  It gives the player a taste of the gameplay, and wets their appetite for what they can expect after purchasing the full license.  It’s therefore important to understand how to best implement trial mode in your wp7 game. One common issue we’re seeing is that…


On Scripting Languages in Games

Until recently I never really saw the point of embedding a scripting language in your game.  I’m already pretty good with C#, so why would I want to use some other language to write game code?  I don’t’ have a staff of level designers that can sorta code either, so what’s the point?  Plus it’s…


Wayne The Brain is now available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Wayne the Brain has passed peer review and is now available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 80pts ($1 US).   If you like fun physics games, then give it a try.  You can download it from the Marketplace->Indie Games section of the Xbox Dashboard, or queue up the download from (link below).   Let…


XNA Developer Talk Series Event Today

Today (at 4pm PST) I’m giving a talk via Live Meeting about how you can use UI animations in your game to give it the extra polish that’s needed to stand out in a crowded marketplace.   For more information about how to tune in to this talk please visit the creators club site:…


Wayne The Brain in Peer Review

My brother Nathan and I have been working on an XNA Game Studio game called “Wayne The Brain” for the past few months.  Recently we completed the game and submitted it to peer review.  If you’re a creators club member, we would really appreciate a review: Here’s the official trailer:


Using retained sprites (ZoomEngine.Graphics) and ZoomEngine.Animation Part 3

When you look at most of the sample code that’s out there for doing 2D XNA games you may notice that there is a tendency to sprinkle in the drawing code all over the place.  Simple samples/tutorials will put it directly in Game.Draw(…) while more complicated projects usually have it inside the game ‘entities’. In…


Adding 2D physics to your XNA Game Studio game. Part 1

One of my hobby projects (again, not Microsoft official) is a port of the Box2D physics engine.  My brother Nathan Furtwangler and I have been porting Box2D to C#/XNA and we recently posted it on CodePlex under the MIT license.  We call it Box2D.XNA.  It’s our goal to keep it in sync with the latest…