Some Notes about Mixed Types

Perhaps the most important reason to use C++ for managed code development is that C++ fully understands managed code and existing C++ code. This positions C++ as the ultimate language for doing managed-native interop programming. It is worth sitting back and remembering just how important that capability is. This allows you as the programmer to…


Compiler Switch Changes in Visual C++ 2005

One noticeable change in the coming release of the Visual C++ compiler is the changes to compiler switches. If you use the project system, when the IDE upgrades your project files, many of these changes will be taken care of automatically. However, if you use another build system like nmake, you might have to fix…


Four years and still going

It has been a while since I have written here. Looking at the last time I wrote an article of significance, I mentioned that I had insomnia. Indeed, I wrote everything between midnight and sunrise. Fortunately for me, I haven’t had insomnia for the last year and half. This blog has suffered as a result….