Using Powershell to create an offline Web Platform Installer Feed

Hi All, Thanks to Nitasha we learned that it is possible to create a custom WebPlatformInstaller feed she describes it in her post: Is there a way to get WebPI to install Products in an offline way? This is not really a supported scenario but when you are about to go to a convention and…


Swapping between Native VHD boot and Hyper-V

Hi All, I was building the Virtual PC that will be used in the “Wordpress on Windows Install Challenge” next Saturday on the Dutch Wordcamp event when I had to figure out if I could get this working. My setup is a single laptop running Windows 7 native booted from a VHD as is described…


Having a PICNIC at the Microsoft Creative Park

Hi All, Those of you who follow me on Twitter might have noticed I’ve been working towards PICNIC09 on 23-25 September. For the first time Microsoft is a premium sponsor of this event and we’ll be showing some really cool stuff. As PICNIC is not your every day event we’ll be at PICNIC with a…


Getting started with the Azure SDK (PDC CTP) with SQL server 2008 (not express)

This is also a post from my old blog which I have to migrate as it will be deactivated next friday. (BTW why isn’t twitterfeed crossposting my blog to twitter). Hi All, I’ve downloaded the Azure SDK from This allows you to get started with the development fabric while you wait for getting…


Using PHP to connect to an ASP.NET 2.0 webservice

This is a repost of a post of my blog on the Dutch Microsoft Blog page. Since I moved my blog to the msdn domain they will delete my blog sooner or later and there are some posts I like to keep. Hi All, This is once again a posting in English. Yesterday and today…


Win a Mix Essentials Europe ticket treasure hunt!

Hi All, To win a Mix Essentials Europe ticket you need to find the words to a sentence. Once you know what the sentence is you must mail it to the first 5 people to send the right answer get a ticket worth 445 euro which gives access to all Mix Europe and Devdays….


Stuff I’m using to prep my devdays talk

Hi all, It almost looks like we coordinate things at Microsoft. While we are running the WinPHP Challenge in Europe with the Dutch PHP Conference and Leaseweb massive PHP on Windows content is being published by my friends in the US. The PHP on Windows training kit It is great that we have a MSSQL…


WinPHP: Deploying your application to the competition server

Hi All, With the WinPHP challenge in its second week I think all participants have created their PHP Dev/Test environment. Now @juokaz asked me how to deploy bits to a Windows Server 2008 machine. To do this we’ll use the Web Deployment tool we’ll also use the IIS Managemt service to deploy to a remote…


Creating your PHP dev environment for the WinPHP Challenge

Hi All, For those of participants in the WinPHP challenge that are looking at Windows Server 2008 for the first time and haven’t looked at Windows for I write this article to make a flying start coding. The Server that Leaseweb has sponsored are running Windows Server 2008 web edition and need to be configured…