Understanding Rule Execution in BizTalk Rule Engine

BizTalk business rule engine (BRE) is a wonderful tool to extend dynamics and flexibility of business. It allows business rules to be tailored on the fly with no hazards and downtime.   In BRE, you can define “Policy”. Policy contains “Rules” drafted by business people. You can consider “Policy” as a logical grouping of rules….


Using Configuration in BizTalk Map

Sorry for delay guys, I am coming with remaining pipeline articles very soon. Meanwhile, here is an interesting and useful thing to share. During BizTalk map definition, sometime you might require to read some configuration value. For example, during use of database related functoids, you have to make connection string configurable. You can use BizTalk config…


Using Microsoft BizTalk Dynamics CRM Adapter – Part 4

We talked about create, delete, query and configuration details in previous articles. In current article, I am quickly going to summarize update operation with CRM system. I suggest you refer my previous articles before reading current one. This will provide you complete context of things. Next article in this series will be a final one…


BizTalk Custom Receive Pipeline Component to Batch Messages

Introduction:   Pipelines in BizTalk are used to do specific processing on incoming and outgoing messages. Each pipeline has some stages in which stage specific components can be employed to do certain tasks.   “Disassemble” is the second stage of the receive pipeline which is primarily used to disassemble incoming messages, validate schema and promote…


How to Develop BizTalk Custom Pipeline Components – Part3

Pipelines contain fixed number of stages and stages contain variable number of components. There are two execution modes of the stages – “All” and “First Match”. In “All” execution mode, all components in the stage are executed one by one in sequence they are placed in pipeline component design. And  in “First Match” execution mode,…


Effect of Engine Control Functions on Business Rule Execution – Part1

Policies in BizTalk Rule Engine execute according to Match – Conflict Resolution – Action algorithm. Engine control functions influence rule execution cycle in big way. They cause execution cycle to recur more than once and also control action agenda to be executed.   Following are BRE engine control functions –   Assert Update Retract RetractByType…


Accessing Description / Metadata (WSDL) of WCF Web Service

WSDL or service metadata is the core for accessing or using any web service. In ASMX web service, browsing WSDL is straight forward. You develop a web service, host inside IIS and then simply browse ASMX file to view WSDL. But things are not the same with WCF service. If you try to access WCF…


Multiple Message Boxes in BizTalk (Scale out message box)

BizTalk runtime can be divided into “Process” and “Data” area in larger terms. Orchestrations, receive handler, send handler etc. run under process area. Process area is popularly called “Host”. Host can be mapped to several BTS machine in BizTalk Server group to achieve higher scalability. Such mapping instance is called “Host Instance”. So one “Host”…


Long Term Facts / Fact Retriever in BizTalk Rule Engine

BRE Facts   Business is dynamic. Policies, rules, constraints are never stable and they amend/evolve with time. Processes, applications and workflows supporting any business model need to implement these changes with minimal maintenance and adoption hazards.   BizTalk Business Rule Engine (BRE) is a magnificent tool that scales out capabilities of policy/rule based applications and…


Using Microsoft BizTalk Dynamics CRM Adapter – Part 3

In previous articles, we talked about – ·         Installing and configuring BizTalk CRM Adapter ·         Basics of CRM System ·         How to perform query operation using BizTalk adapter ·         How to perform create operation using BizTalk adapter I suggest you refer my previous articles before reading current one – Part1: http://blogs.msdn.com/brajens/archive/2007/05/27/using-microsoft-biztalk-dynamics-crm-adapter-part-1.aspx Part2: http://blogs.msdn.com/brajens/archive/2007/05/30/using-microsoft-biztalk-dynamics-crm-adapter-part-2.aspx   I…