SAML 2.0 tokens and WIF – bridging the divide

Background We all know the following limitations about Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) and passive (browser) federation protocols, right? WIF does not support SAML2.0 protocol (SAML2P) There is a WIF extension out there to support SAML2P but it is a technology preview WIF does support SAML2.0 (SAML2) tokens WS-Federation conveys SAML1.1 tokens Therefore, unless you use…


Access to an ASP.NET website via multiple authentications

Background Is it possible to secure a website using Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) without interfering with an existing authentication method? e.g. – Could a website secured using an ASP.NET membership provider, with all the code and configuration that entails, be layered with additional code and configuration to allow a precursory authentication with a trusted Identity…


Windows Identity Foundation 101’s

Hi I am in the process of creating a series of 101’s for Windows Identity Foundation and ADFS 2. Keep an eye out for them. Here are the first two: Later. Brad