Hello Acropolis!

Back in 2005 I spent a week with our Product Support professionals “helping” to answer support calls… I was amazed that at the world’s largest software company the tools these folks use were not well integrated (I believe it has sense been addressed). A customer call comes in via one application giving some limited caller…


Ready for Teched ’07

I am pretty excited about Teched ’07 June 4-8th in Orlando (if you are not already attending, you can still register).     Here are a few of the sessions that I think will be very cool.   WEB319 – A Lap around Silverlight – Scott Guthrie If you are making it to TechEd, you have got…


.NET Client Application Services

Update:  hree are some MSDN docs that cover this topic: Exposing Web Services to Client Script and ASP.NET Application Services Overview   One of my favorite features in Orcas is the ability to leverage the ASP.NET Application services from any client application (ASP.NET, Ajax, WinForms, WPF, or even Silverlight!)..  This allows you to do things like share…


Defy All Challenges – More Videos

I noticed the full interview I did for the Defy All Challenges site got posted. To watch the videos, go to http://www.defyallchallenges.com/Select “Enter the Base” then “Windows Vista”


Paint.NET Creator on DNR

It was very cool to run across one of the creators of Paint.NET (a very cool replacement for window’s paint app written in managed code) on DotNetRocks.   Rick Brewster recently joined the development team in my group and you will hear more about what he is working on now in a few months –…


New ClickOnce Case Study Posted

We just finished a very interesting case study on ClickOnce right here at Microsoft.  The study covers our people-and-positions management tool (HeadTrax) that is a .NET Framework app used by 72,000 people world wide. Deploying an Internal HR Application Using ClickOnce Technology Saves Developer Time and Support Costs   Before moving to ClickOnce our IT…


Orcas enables easy offline client apps

I just saw that steve does a couple of very cool screen casts showing off how easy it will be for WinForms and WPF client apps to operate effectively offline and in high latency networks… Going N Tier w/WCF, Synchronizing data using Sync Services for ADO.NET and SQL Server Compact Edition In part 1, I…