WPF Coming into the mainstream with excellent component vendor support

I love the ecosystem around Microsoft technology…  The 3rd party component vendors add some much jazz and productivity to our platforms.  I recently saw a list of the component vendors already shipping products for WPF and I couldn’t help but share it.  Are there any I am missing?  What has your experience with these been?…


.NET Framework 3.5 Namespace poster Updated

A while back I blogged about the .NET Framework 3.5 Namespace poster… We made a few tweaks and updated it, including making it available in more formats. Download Links: Full XPSSplit XPSPDFTiled PDFEnjoy!


Software Development Predictions for 2008

Happy New Year! Not too long ago, I was asked for my predictions for the IT-Technology in 2008…  You can find the full article here, but I thought I’d include my thoughts on my blog.  Where’s i-Technology Headed in 2008?   I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments   1. User Experience Reaches the…


VS 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 RTM

We made it, just in time for your turkey-day fun!   You can go out and download VS 2008 Express (for FREE) right now and .NET Framework 3.5…  Here is just a few things I love about this release… Please add your own: 1. VS 2008 fully supports multi-targeting… meaning you can use the new tool…


.NET Framework 3.5 Namespace poster

Many of you have asked for an update to the .NET Framework namespace poster for 3.5… Thanks to Paul Andrew, Kit George and many others, we now have it! See Paul’s blog for more details…   Download the full PDF to a color printer near you 😉


VS2008, .NET 3.5, Silverlight and ASP.NET Futures

I am in the middle of a vacation to sunny, hot and humid North Carolina, but I had to take a break from it to make note of the impressive set of new bits there are to play with…    Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 Most importantly, we released VS 2008 and .NET Framework…


ClickOnce in Firefox

I just noticed that James Dobson recently got the FFClickOnce support added as an official FireFox plugin..  The latest release includes localization support!  Thanks James, this really helps the community out a lot!    Before the plug-in, you could not really do much with a clickonce application in firefox…   With the plug in you get…


.NET Framework 3.5

Daniel Moth has a good post describing .NET Framework 3.5… I though i’d share part of it here as it is likely better than one I could do… thanks Daniel.   Our goal with the .NET Framework 3.5 was to make it very easy for customers to adopt while providing some really interesting new value. …


Some common Acroplis questions

Wow – there has been some really good buzz on acropolis in the last 24 hours… Reading over the blogs and stuff two interesting questions are popping out: Question: When are you shipping Acropolis!!Answer: As soon as it is ready 😉 Seriously, we are very early in the cycle here, we came out at Teched…