PDC 2009 – I can’t wait!

Things are really starting to heat up around here as we get ready for the PDC.   Just this week I have talked to folks on Silverlight, Visual Studio, Azure, ASP.NET, .NET RIA Services, MEF that all have very cool new stuff to talk about at the PDC.    We just recently announced the Scott Guthrie will…


Best Practices for Wrapping Native Code

At our talk on Framework Design Guidelines at the PDC, Krzysztof and I were asked about resources for wrapping a native code library in a nice managed code framework.  This is an extremely common pattern.  Organizations frequently have large "heritage" investments in C\C++\COM code and now they need to expose that functionality is way that…


Framework Design Guidelines Video from PDC2008 Talk Posted

The great folks that work tirelessly behind the scenes here at the PDC have already gotten the Framework Design Guidelines Video posted.   https://channel9.msdn.com/pdc2008/PC58/    Enjoy!


Repeat of the MEF talk at PDC2008

After the amazing great reception MEF got during ScottGu’s keynote yesterday we had tons of people ask about a MEF session.  So we are VERY happy to be able to repeat Glenn’s MEF session… Please come if you can. TL33-R Managed Extensibility Framework: Overview [REPEAT] Wed 10/29 | 4:45 PM-6:00 PM | 409A Presenter: Glenn…


Framework Design Guidelines slides from PDC2008 Talk

Yesterday, Krys and I did a talk on Framework Design Guidelines and how they changed from when we started in 1998 to now in 2008.  They should have the video of the talk up soon, I will post a link when it comes up… in the meantime, check out the slides on SlideShare…  Or just…


Framework Design Guidelines Talk @ PDC2008

I am very excited to be giving a Framework Design Guidelines talk at the PDC this year.  Krzysztof and I think of this as our "victory lap" for publishing the Framework Design Guidelines 2nd Edition.   As we were talking about what to cover in this talk, Krys and I realized that it has been just…


Framework Design Guidelines 2nd Edition: Order Yours Now!

Amazon just put Framework Design Guidelines 2nd Edition up for pre-order.  If you are coming to the PDC in LA (and there are still slots open), you can be the first to buy a copy… Amazon and your local brick-and-mortar store will have them over the coming weeks. What’s New in the 2nd edition? Updated…


100+ PDC Sessions Posted

I just saw that we released another round of PDC sessions… This is the first PDC for years where I have not been personally deeply involved in the planning, so it is fun for me to watch in unfold..  https://sessions.microsoftpdc.com/public/sessions.aspx If you have not already, please register as the early bird discount runs out on…


Welcome to PDC08!

I can’t believe it, it is PDC time again!  We are back in LA Oct 27th-30th, I hope you can make it! You can register here: http://www.microsoftpdc.com/Registration/ You can check out a very small sampling of session here: http://www.microsoftpdc.com/Agenda/Sessions.aspx Our general theme for PDC sessions is all about super deep session that get you an…


PDC08: I can’t wait!

 We just announced that PDC 2008 will be in LA Oct 27-30…  I just love the PDC… it is a HUGE conference and is very developer focused.  My team is actively working on some great stuff that will come out right around the PDC… So folks on my team are already competing for a chance…