Loving the South African Developer Community

I just got back from South Africa and I am happy to report that the .NET Developer community is very strong there.    User’s Group Meetings in in Johannesburg and Cape Town User group meeting in Johannesburg  – thanks for setting this up Craig Nicholson..  I had a great time showing off Silverlight 2.  We had…


Enhanced Mix08 Videos Posted

We recently finished the post product work required to get enhanced videos posted.  The videos not only include slides\demos, but also include a separate video stream of the speaker  so you get a deeper experience.   Mix08 Session Overview: Building Great AJAX Applications from Scratch Using ASP.NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 [Watch this video] Unfortunately,…


A Start at Test Driven Development with Silverlight 2

As you likely heard, we have released the source code for all of the Silverlight controls as well as almost 2,000 of our own unit tests.  Included with in this is a jewel… A unit testing framework for Silverlight.  It is very powerful to have this feature so early in the develop of a new…


Silverlight 2 Developer Poster

At Mix08, the Silverlight 2 Poster was a hot item given out in many of the session.   If you didn’t get yours or if you couldn’t make it, you can feel free to download and print your own! [JPG version 5.8MB] [PNG version 6.5MB]  [TIF Version 19.9 MB] Also, note that Joe did a very…


Single source code base for Silverlight and WPF solutions

At Mix08, several people asked me about the possibility of creating a single source base for both WPF and Silverlight.  The scenario folks had in mind was to provide a reach solution with Silverlight that hits *ALL* possible users while also offering a really rich solutions for some users on full WPF (.NET Framework 3.0…


Cool Silverlight Momentum Video Posted

If you watched the Mix keynote, I am sure you saw the very cool Silverlight Momentum video that shows off a lot of the cool apps we have already seen in Silverlight.  In case you missed it, here it is: [Mobile] [Progressive download] [streaming] [4M CBR] [720p] [640×360]


Mix 08 Sessions Published

The great folks here running Mix have done a excellent job getting the videos for the Mix session up already!  Check them out at :  http://sessions.visitmix.com/     Check out my session on Building an Ajax Application from scratch..   It was an all demo, no slides sort of talk, so it really stands out in…


Silverlight and WPF Control Developer Huddle at Mix08

I just  ran into Ted Glaza from Ajax Control toolkit and Silverlight Controls fame and he is getting some of the control developers together (3rd parties, Microsoft as well as in house) to talk about building controls for WPF and Silverlight.  We will have some folks there are are building the current set of controls…


Tips for Installing Silverlight 2 Beta

Walking around Mix08 today I had a chance to help a few people with some install issues.  In some cases the installer was asking for VS 2008 media and in other cases it was refusing to install.  Luckily, Bradley Bartz from the Visual Web Developer team was around to help folks.  He drilled into the…