Heading to ReMix Boston

I am super excited to be headed to Boston in a couple of weeks for ReMix Boston… I have heard from many folks that wish that could have made it to Vegas, but could not… In addition, I know that folks are hungry to see what is new in the web world now that Silverlight…


Cool new ASP.NET 3.5 and Silverlight demo application

Steve Marx apparently never gets tired of writing video centric web sites… he has done it again and it is very cool.  I am impressed with the fact that there is so few lines of code (in fact there is more CSS markup than code).. this is due to the simplicity that Linq, ASP.NET 3.5…


Search engine optimization for Silverlight and Ajax

Check out your referral logs.. notice a pattern?  If your logs are like mine, a HUGE percentage of your hits are coming through a search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN)…  Here is 3 minutes worth of referral logs from my blog…   In a world where a good percentage of your content is dynamically created and…


Demo code for Mix07 talk: Silverlight: Creating and Delivering Amazing Video Experiences on the Web

FYI — I just posted the demo code for my Mix07 talk… It uses VS Orcas Beta1, Silverlight 1.0 Beta and the ASP.NET “Futures” .  I’d love to have feedback and comments! MySilverlightTV.zip [24MB] — Without example videos mySilverlightTV(WithVideos) [93MB] – With example videos (Update:I got a fix, should work now!) Oh, and here is…


ASP.NET "Futures" Release

I am super excited about the ASP.NET Futures release we did recently.  I think it shows off some cool new thinking in the ASP.NET space, for Ajax applications and of course Silverlight support. I  demoed much of this stuff as part of my Mix talk, but I wanted to highlight a few here for ASP.NET AJAX…


Silverlight on the Ireland PodLeaders podcast

It was my great fortune to meet Tom Raftery at Mix.. I am very excited to be a guest on his PodLeaders podcast.  He is taking questions now…  Send in a few easy ones as well as hard questions 😉 thanks!


PM Tip #12: Don’t waste keystrokes

Update: See the full list of PM Tips. At Mix I ran into Jeff Atwood who reminded me about a my post on the “Be More Visible” Sham.  He also told me I should take a look at Jon Udell’s post Too busy to blog? Count your keystrokes [via Jeff’s blog] While I don’t think every…


Silverlight @ Mix: The Home Games

I know many of you are following all the excitement here at Mix from home.   I am super happy that they already have several of the sessions posted for live streaming or downloading.   Here are a few that I think are worth watching first..   Mike Harsh:  Deep Dive on Silverlight Media Integration  Mike goes…


Silverlight 1.1 "Airlines" managed code sample published

Wow — less than a day after they keynote we have the source code for the “Silverlight airlines” application posted.  Check out David Anson blog on it which includes a live link and of course full source code!   Check it out and build your own!   I can’t wait to see what folks do with this stuff… please send…