CLR Updates in .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Kevin Frie, development lead for core parts of the CLR recently posted about what CLR updates that come in 3.5 SP1….   NGen infrastructure rewrite:  the new infrastructure uses less memory, produces less fragmented NGen images with much better locality, and does so in dramatically less time.  What this means to you:  Installing or servicing…


Brad Abrams’ pixel8 Interview Podcast posted

I just noticed that the good folks at Pixel8 posted a podcast I did with them a while back.  It was a fun conversation about a bit of .NET history as well as where we are going.  Landing Page  Download show I’d love the hear what you think!


.NET Framework 3.5 Namespace poster Updated

A while back I blogged about the .NET Framework 3.5 Namespace poster… We made a few tweaks and updated it, including making it available in more formats. Download Links: Full XPSSplit XPSPDFTiled PDFEnjoy!


NBC Direct: A new Companion App

I have been convinced for a while now that the industry is headed toward more of a companion application model… that is a model that offers the best of the web world in the browser and everywhere and the best of the client world out of browser.    One common example of this model is Outlook…


.NET Framework 3.5 Namespace poster

Many of you have asked for an update to the .NET Framework namespace poster for 3.5… Thanks to Paul Andrew, Kit George and many others, we now have it! See Paul’s blog for more details…   Download the full PDF to a color printer near you 😉


Poll: Allowing .NET EXEs to run off a network share

By default .NET applications (EXEs) that are launched from a remote file system (eg \\server\bin\SomeApp.exe), will not be considered trusted and typically will fail (unless specifically designed to run with low trust).  This is in direct contrast with unmanaged applications which always give full trust to launched programs, regardless of location.  From a quick search,…


What is your Allocation Number?

Rico is doing some very interesting work to get some sort of idea about the allocation overhead of using different parts of the .NET Framework. As he says, this is a fairly rough approximation done just with static analysis, but it does give you something to chew on. Rico starts by focusing on making a…


Patrick Dussud on CLR history

Patrick, one of the founding members of the CLR team, starts a blog by posting a brief bit about this history of the CLR. I dug up a few other bits of CLR history… Enjoy! History Of CsharpBrian Harry on the CLRMy DotNet Rocks! show postedResource management


Performance: You are only as good as your measurements

I recently had a fun time baking cookies with my three year old son.. He had a great time scooping out the floor, dumping in the sugar and plopping in the butter… but when they came out of oven and I took my first bite, I know something we dreadfully wrong, they tasted terrible! Just…


New Book: Professional .NET Framework 2.0

I just got my copy of Joe Duffy’s new book Professional .NET Framework 2.0.  Joe was a member of my team on the CLR during most of the time he wrote this book.. While I have not read it cover to cover yet, I can tell you it is going to be a good one….