Forms AuthWindows Auth – what is more common?

I was talking to some coworkers today about the scenarios for Forms Auth and Windows Auth in line of business applications.    We were having a debate about which was more common. As you might guess at Microsoft we are an all windows shop, so just about all our line of business applications use Windows auth,…


Survey: Ajax usage among .NET developers in 2009

A couple of years ago Simone Chiaretta did a survey of .NET Developers usage of Ajax..   I just saw that he is refreshing that survey to see what has changed in the industry.  Are people still actively moving to Ajax?  Are they using MVC or WebForms with their Ajax?  Which ones of the *many* ajax…


.NET RIA Services May 2009 Preview

Today we posted a minor update to .NET RIA Services.  This release is mainly focused on addressing bug fixes we have heard in the forums and delivering on a few key areas… There are a lot of other long lead work items that will fall into future releases.  Download it today from:  Here is…


Getting Ready for Mix09

What were you planning to do March 18-20th? If it does not have to do with Vegas and the Web, it might be time to think again!  Mix09 is going to rock… I have had a chance to look at some of the sessions that are in the works (some of them haven’t made it…


Enabling Firefox support in Visual Studio 2008

In the comments on a recent post a reader asked me how to enabled Firefox in Visual Studio 2008..   Luckily it is very easy..   You right click on the aspx page and select "Browser With"   Then select "FireFox"… You can also make it the default with the "Set as Default" button.  


AjaxWorld Talk: Building a Great Ajax application from Scratch

I had a great time today at AjaxWorld during my talk on building a great Ajax Application from Scratch.  It was fun to get out from behind the powerpoint and show some real code!   For this demo, I only used freely available tools… In  particular everything I show works in Visual Studio 2008 Web Developer…


Book Plug: Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls For .NET Framework 3.5

I recently got a copy of Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls For .NET Framework 3.5.  This promises to be a great book.   With .NET Framework 3.5, Ajax is really interesting the mainstream and the Ajax Server Controls make it very easy for the millions of ASP.NET developers to easily take advantage of the power Ajax…