Ajax usage among .NET developers

Simone Chiaretta is trying to gather some informal data on Ajax usage among .NET Developers.  It is a very quick, four question survey‚Ķ  Simone mentioned he would be publishing the results on his blog shortly.   Please click Here to take survey.  


Microsoft Passes the OpenAjax InteropFest Test

Recently Bertrand posted OpenAjax InteropFest 1.0: Microsoft’s entry.  The OpenAjax’s InteropFest’s goal is to demonstrate how different Ajax libraries can be parts of the OpenAjax ecosystem and interact with each other through the OpenAjax hub. Read all the details, including sample code  in Bertand’s blog post..


ASP.NET AJAX on your IPhone...

Matt posts a bit about an update to ASP.NET AJAX to work with a recent update to the IPhone…  Update for the iPhone Update….  As Matt says, we are working on rolling this into the next update to ASP.NET AJAX… so i’d only suggest picking this up if it is effecting your side today…


The .NET Show: ASP.NET AJAX Extensions

A while back Matt, Bertrand and I filmed a .NET Show episode focusing on ASP.NET AJAX.            The .NET Show: ASP.NET AJAX Extensions   Several kind readers wrote in to suggest some “out-of-context words” for us to skillfully work into the conversation… I am happy to announce the final score.. Matt…


Ajax in the Balance Slides

I have gotten a couple of asks for the actual slides from my AjaxWorld keynote last week.    Ajax in the Balance I’d love to have your feedback\comments… And remember that plagiarism is the highest form of flattery ūüėČ 


Good Response from AjaxWorld keynote

  We got some good feedback from my AjaxWorld keynote…   If you were there, I’d love to hear your feedback, thoughts… please comment here or drop me a line…   Microsoft Not a Cathedral; Open Source Not a Bazaar NEW YORK — It’s not every day that you see a Microsoft employee demonstrating Microsoft software…


Microsoft Ajax Library on PHP

A reader asked about the reference to running part of ASP.NET AJAX on PHP\Apache in my recent interview… The specific thing I was talking about was running the Microsoft Ajax Library on PHP… Check out the CodePlex project.. Feel free to jump in and contribute to it. http://codeplex.com/phpmsajax  Here is the “hello, world” for this…


Tips on getting ColdFusion and the Microsoft AJAX Library working

Charlie Arehart posted a helpful article on getting the Microsoft AJAX Library working with ColdFusion… Using Atlas (MS Ajax Toolkit) with CF, and getting CF / Atlas example working Thanks Charlie!


Microsoft AJAX Library at the AJAX Experience

I had a great time at the AJAX Experience Conference today. John Resig did a good talk on choosing the right Ajax framework for you. He laid out four attributes you should use when you judge an Ajax library‚Ķ. While he didn’t mention the Microsoft AJAX Library, I think it stacks up very well in…