is Live!

We have been working for a while to get a community site together where we can aggregate all the great buzz, resources and discussions about .NET RIA Services.   We hope you enjoy the content we already have up there and help us get more good stuff up there.


Comments (9)

  1. Eugen says:

    Tha’s of course great, but I’d rather see a new version of RIA services where the problem with deleting records in DataGrid is fixed.

  2. BradA says:

    Thanks Eugen… and goodnews, i am told this is fixed..  

  3. Great job. This is an important step for us working with LOB application. Can you in some way announce new posts on twitter?

  4. PilotBob says:

    When will we see a new release of RIA Services? Is it going to have a final RTW out of band? or is it planning to go gold March 22nd with Dev 2010?

    In otherwords, if I start using it, when can I expect to be able to deploy my app to production?

  5. Tolga says:

    I am a little confused. The July 2009 CTP has been available for a long time. The published date is still "7/9/2009" so I dont’ see how this is a new version.

  6. BradA says:

    That is right — not a new version of the bits… just a new site… the new bits are live at te PDC

  7. Tolga says:

    Thanks Brad…BTW, .net RIA Services rock. Makes my life sooooooooo much easier.

  8. Imaya Kumar says:

    Being a Microsoftie, why would you want to put Chrome in the picture above? Can you please explain?

  9. musaev says:


    How do I publish .Net Ria Service?   The domain service works fine as long you are using the Cassini but if you try to publish to IIS no response from the service at all.   I tried to pass the uri to the constructor of domain context object in the code behind page of xaml page but still no luck.   Could you please give some example on how to publish the domain service?  Unfortunately, the .NET Ria Services Preview documentation doesn’t cover publishing of the domain service.


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