Silverlight and RIA Services: Implementing Search

Some of you likely noticed that my PDC09 demo included a stubbed out Search function that I didn’t really get to walkthrough during the talk.   I thought I’d do a blog post showing how it is done. To get started you need: Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Silverlight 4 Beta  (which includes RIA Services) You…


RIA Services: A DomainService IS A WCF Service – Add Service Reference

I made the fairly bold statement at my PDC09 talk that a DomainService IS A WCF Service.  That is, everything you know about a WCF service should be true of a DomainService.  I didn’t have time to get into this in my talk, so I thought I’d hit the highlights here.  And in the process…


Welcome to WCF RIA Services Beta!

Today at PDC09, Scott Guthrie Announced the beta of WCF RIA Services.  As you may know RIA Services is a set of end-to-end experiences that makes it as easy to build Silverlight based n-tier applications as it is to build traditional 2 tier apps.   I am very excited about this release as it represents a…

40 is Live!

We have been working for a while to get a community site together where we can aggregate all the great buzz, resources and discussions about .NET RIA Services.   We hope you enjoy the content we already have up there and help us get more good stuff up there.