PDC 2009 – I can’t wait!

Things are really starting to heat up around here as we get ready for the PDC.   Just this week I have talked to folks on Silverlight, Visual Studio, Azure, ASP.NET, .NET RIA Services, MEF that all have very cool new stuff to talk about at the PDC.   


We just recently announced the Scott Guthrie will be giving one of the keynotes, so you can be sure that will be fun.. You can bet Scott will be talking about the latest from ASP.NET, Silverlight, the .NET Framework and Visual Studio!   

I will also be there to talk about building business application in Silverlight… no rotating images or dancing videos in this talk, it will be all about saving you and your end user’s time by taking advantage of the latest in Silverlight, .NET RIA Services and Visual Studio!

Hope to see you there, but there will also be lots of good content on line if you can’t make it..

Find out more information here: http://microsoftpdc.com/ 

When I have talked to developers in the past about coming to PDC, one of the things has been convincing their boss that it is worth the time and money.. I’d love to hear any success stories you have had.  How have you sold the PDC to your boss?  what works?

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  1. Joe Beernink says:

    This will be my first PDC, and I’m really looking forward to attending.  I watched a lot of the videos from last year and we attributed a lot of our growth as a company in the past year to what we learned by watching.  I’m hoping to not only learn more, but to make the network needed to grow even further next year.  That’s how I sold it to my boss.  

    It’s just a matter of figuring out how to turn the 5 minute hallway conversation into a more permanent social network.  Business cards?  Twitter?  Blog Address?  What works at a tech conference where people don’t necessarily want to be marketed to all day long?

  2. J.M. says:


    I’ve been to the last several PDC’s.  I had never had trouble justifying it to management until lately.  

    The problem I have lately is that there wasn’t a whole lot of content in the 2008 PDC that we didn’t see in the 2005 conference (although a lot of it had more polish, and I’m not discounting Azure, MEF, and VS 2010 — which looks great).  

    Now it’s only been a year since the last PDC.  So, what do I tell my boss when he asks me what I’m going to see this year that wasn’t there last year? (and I’m not trying to be difficult or anything — I really need to know:  Why should someone who was just there last year come back this year?

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