We Need Your Feedback on the Documentation

  The doc teams are looking for your feedback on the .NET Framework and Visual Studio docs.  Help us improve the developer documentation by taking the Visual Studio and .NET Framework Content Survey.  This survey will give us a better understanding of the type of applications you are developing as well as how you use…


Lightweight Linq Parser

Jason Allor, dev manager for my team, recently posted about a cool lightweight LINQ parser.  The idea was to make it much easier to create a LINQ provider over any arbitrary data source (a web service, custom business objects, etc).  This makes it much easier to get all the sorting, paging, filtering benefits of RIA…


Index for Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update

Thanks to all of you who asked…  I had to take a sick day today, so this was nice mindless work to get done.   Hope you enjoy it! Part 1: Navigation Basics [Spanish] Part 2: Rich Data Query [Spanish] Part 3: Authentication [Spanish] Part 4: SEO, Export to Excel and Out of Browser Part 5: Astoria, Add Service…


Mozilla and Microsoft work together on WPFClickOnce plugins

  Recently some friends mentioned that they saw Firefox had block-listed some Microsoft WPF\ClickOnce add-ons. As Mike Shaver (VP Engineering for the Mozilla) noted in his blog post, this action is the result of Mozilla and Microsoft working together to protect customers in relation to Security Update MS09-054. I think it is very important for…


RIA Services Blog Posts – Now in French!

Thanks to Yannick Aristidi we are getting many of the RIA Services posts from my series translated into French!  Partie 1: les bases de la navigation Partie 2: l’accès aux données Partie 3: L’authentification   Thanks Yannick, i hope there are many more to come! Enjoy!


PDC 2009 – I can’t wait!

Things are really starting to heat up around here as we get ready for the PDC.   Just this week I have talked to folks on Silverlight, Visual Studio, Azure, ASP.NET, .NET RIA Services, MEF that all have very cool new stuff to talk about at the PDC.    We just recently announced the Scott Guthrie will…


Video Posted for Belgium Visual Studio User’s Group: 10 Years of Framework Design Guidelines

As a nice follow up from my Belgium Visual Studio User’s Group: 10 Years of Framework Design Guidelines talk, I saw that they just posted the video (slides+audio).  Enjoy!   Oh, and i must include the shameless plug…  Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reusable .NET Libraries (2nd Edition)


Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update: Part 26: Authentication and Personalization

The data we work with in business application is valuable.  We need to protect the data.. sometimes by keeping up with exactly who accesses and updates what data when and other times we need to actively prevent data from being accessed expected by trust parties.    The web is increasingly becoming a personal place – applications…


Portugal ReMix Silverlight 3 and .NET RIA Services

 ReMix in Lisbon, Portugal was a fabulous was to end my ReMix tour.  They keynote (as much as I could understand of it) was a lot of fun.  They did the Developer\designer egg shtick, but with a real egg! My this point, I have really hit my stride with the the Silverlight 3 overview I…


Austria ReMix Silverlight 3 and .NET RIA Services

ReMix in Vienna, Austria was really great.  The attendees were very engaged and the venue was quite nice.  Simon Guest gave the keynote and did a very nice job of bring together SketchFlow, .NET RIA Services and Sql Azure.  I had the opportunity give the Silverlight 3 overview today and again I had fun doing…