HanselMinutes Interview on RIA Services

I had a great opportunity to chat with the famous Scott Hanselman recently on .NET RIA Services.    We drilled a lot into the background for RIA Services and what the high level patterns we are addressing with RIA Services. 


<<The Return of 3-Tier Architecture - RIA Services with Brad Abrams/>

Brad Abrams runs a number of teams at Microsoft, most recently working on "Rich Internet Application Services" (RIA). Scott grills Brad on the rebirth of 3-tier architect, XML, REST and JSON. What's this thing about and is it the best way to write data-centric apps with Silverlight?



Comments (4)

  1. The content of this podcast was great, but the audio quality was painful.

    As someone who is new to writing web apps, the ability to simplify the plumbing with RIA Services sounds very promising.

  2. Brad R says:

    Any idea on when we can expect an RTM for the .NET RIA services?

  3. John McIntosh says:

    Scott seems to have taken the interview away. The link goes to a blank page and his latest show is episode 179.

  4. Grant Davidson says:

    You can still hear the interview at


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