Western European ReMix Tour 2009

I was lucky enough to be asked to go on a brief western European ReMix tour.  Our goal with these events is to bring the best of Mix 09 (and some new stuff) closer to where some of the best developers and designers in the world live. 

A few of my co-workers are going to be heading out on the tour as well including: Ux expert Arturo Toledo, Adam Kinney of expression fame and architect extraordinaire Simon Guest.  So you don’t want to miss this.


Here is as much of my schedule as I know today… If you are in the area, please try to join me!


Monday 28 September(Brussels)

Visual Studio User Group 18:00 – 10 Years of Framework Design Guidelines
Check out the details: http://visug.be/Eventdetails/tabid/95/EventId/16/Default.aspx

Tuesday 29th September (Brussels)

ReMix Brussels: http://www.microsoft.com/belux/remix09/#agenda

11-12: What’s new in SL3

13-14: Building Amazing Business Apps with Silverlight 3 and .NET RIA Services

Arch Forum Brussels: http://www.microsoft.com/belux/msdn/terra_lite/events/2009-09-29_ArchitectForum/ArchitectForum.html

14:50-16:00 Business Apps

REMIX09Wednesday 30th September (Finland)

ReMix Finland: http://www.microsoft.com/finland/remix/

11-12: What’s new in Silverlight 3

13-14: Building Amazing Business Apps with Silverlight 3 and .NET RIA Services


Thursday 1st October (Vienna, Austria)

ReMix: Vienna, Austria: http://www.microsoft.com/austria/remix/development.aspx

10:45-11:45: What’s new in SL3

12:45-13:45 Building Amazing Business Apps with Silverlight 3 and .NET RIA Services


Friday 2nd October (Portugal)

ReMix: Portugal http://www.microsoft.com/portugal/remix/index.aspx


Check out the other great worldwide ReMix events… Hopefully one is in your area: http://visitmix.com/worldwide/

Comments (4)

  1. Joona says:

    Looking forward to the event in Finland! I’m interested in hearing the latest info about Silverlight and creating Business Applications with it. Maybe someday we will be able to  print receipts, invoices, etc from a Silverlight application… ?

  2. Maxim says:


    But when you will make Mix in East Europe?:)

    Thousand developers would be delighted with such event!

    In Kiev, Moscow, Minks and etc.

  3. Pedro says:

    Looking foward to meet you guys in Lisbon.

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