Silverlight 3 Navigation Application: New Themes and Tweaks

Corrina, head UX-designer for Silverlight,  just posted some cool new themes for the Silverlight 3 Navigation Application and, better yet, some ideas on how to tweak the ones that are out there to make them match your specific scenario.   I really love where this is going… Hopefully we will eventually get to the powerpoint like theme support…

My favorite new one is Candy Store…



Comments (2)

  1. Bob Thomson says:


    Over the last couple of years we’ve seen grid based CSS frameworks gaining popularity, streamlining design and development. See something like:

    For example. Might be something worth building into one of the application templates. Designing using grids brings a lot of advantages:

    But they can be a pain to setup correctly for some users.



  2. Very nice to have these.



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