Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update Summary

*** Notice: I will be updating these over the next few weeks for Silverlight 4 beta, RIA Services beta and VS2010 *** 

You can also use the full index of these posts.

This series on updating my Mix09 talk to current bits has sort of taken on a life of its own and I am not quite through, but I have had numerous requests for a directory of these posts so folks can quickly find what they are looking for.   Notice I left a few teasers for what is coming this week..

imageCore Features


Visual Basic

Class Library Project

Custom Authentication Provider


Evolving an Application


Hierarchal Data

Modular Development (comming soon)

Hosting on Azure

Separate Solution Files

Sources of Data

Entity Framework





ADO.NET Data Services (Astoria)

WCF and WCF+Linq

Data Transfer Objects

Custom Linq Provider

Stored Procedures

Sql Azure


Presentation Layers


ASP.NET WebForms DataSource

ASP.NET Dynamic Data

WCF Service 


ADO.NET Data Services (Astoria)

WPF (via Astoria)

WinForms (via Astoria)


Validation with a custom (non-RIA Services) service


Out of Browser

Export to Excel


Unit Testing


Update:  Find many of these posts translated to French! RIA Services Blog Posts – Now in French!

Comments (9)

  1. fashai says:

    Brad your blogs just rock. Great contributions!!

  2. Hi Brad,

    Your blog is changing to one of the fantastic blogs in the world. Thanks for givign us these details.

    Thanks ,


  3. Shane says:


    This series is incredible source of clear information with just the right depth for getting people on the right track with these exciting technologies. Excellent work!

    Silverlight has reignited my enthusiasm for software development! Adding RIA Services and the possibilities presented by Azure has me looking forward to a new era and your series has made it easy to understand.

    Thank you very much!

  4. May I suggest another theme?  How about a MVVM implementation using RIA?

  5. vineet says:

    I downloaded your project, however MyApp i get an error saying it cannot locate the reference to MyApp.web and I cannot add it cause its not a silverlight project (if u knw wht i mean).

    please advise

  6. BradA says:

    Sorry, which one do you mean?  

  7. bvoleti says:

    Great posts.


    The same DomainService class can use WCF as a data source or the WCF service can use the DomainService to implement the logic of the service?

    I really love the concept of .NET RIA services because I can take the same app logic build a silverlight application and if I dont like the Silverlight application, I can go ahead and build a ASP.NET website. Am I correct in this assumption?

    Also, would it be a wise move to start using this technology which is not yet fully supported?

    If I do build an application using WCF, Silverlight, Linq to SQL, etc, etc, would it be a daunting task to start using .NET RIA services?


  8. Chris says:

    Is there link to each of the silverlight examples in the correct order?

  9. Smack says:

    Chis – I was thinking the exact same thing.  Love the directory layout on the tutorials, but its difficult to find part 2 to part 3 to….

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