Silverlight 3 Controls Sample App

Want a quick reference and simple example of how to use all the cool controls in Silverlight 3? 

Check out the Silverlight Toolkit Samples

The best part is not only can you run it as a quick reference and get a feel for how the controls work, but you can also get easy access to all the source code!


Here are a few of my favorites!













Comments (15)

  1. Steve says:

    Invaluable – thanks for pointing these out

  2. Steve says:

    Me again…

    I do have 2 wish list items for that toolkit  🙂

    1. masked edit box – ie. the dataform example for a phone number desperately is begging for a input mask

    2. a money text box for entering money values with a mask

    These are beyond a doubt the most used jquery plugins I use in all my business applications.  Can’t leave home without it!


  3. David Poll says:

    Gotta love those toolkit samples 😉

  4. Andrew Skalkin says:

    The "Tree View" demo crashed my Firefox… scary. Opened fine next time, though.

  5. Kiran says:

    Is the source code to the whole hosted sample available (not just the individual sample)?

  6. Malcolm says:

    The page doesn’t dispplay for Firefox 3.5.

  7. Steve says:

    I’m running FF 3.5 and it works.  Did you install silverlight 3 ?

  8. Masoud says:

    ohhh, SL (all versions) didn’t install in my pc.

    I realy love see these Silver light 3 apps…

  9. MsFreak says:

    Excellent!It is what I need.Thank you very much.

  10. Dave says:

    This was cool but I still don’t think you should force users to use Silverlight for Data Entry.

    The UI components are still too clunky to expect my LOB users to use it everyday (I’m just not that cruel) – they need to feel just as snappy as a web app or windows form app.

    Mouse wheel still sucks.(Most annoying thing abut silverlight controls IMHO) When scrolling does work it jumps around like crazy and rarely moves the scroll bar like you think it should be – nice and smooth.

    Good things I saw:

    Text is finally clear – nice!

    DataForm is cool.

  11. LOVE_MOSS_NOT says:

    Very promising, it reminds me of Adobe’s

    <a href="">TourDeFlex</a&gt;

  12. LOVE_MOSS_NOT says:

    definitely catching up to Flash’s variety. Keep up the good work Microsoft, we need to keep up with Flash since most .NET developers are not designers we need a hand here 🙂

  13. Read how Silverlight’s Rich Media Platform Delivers Powerful Results for Fans of New Cricket League (IPL)

    See how TDK-Lambda uses Silverlight’s cross-browser plug-in to enable LOB.

  14. @ Steve – Thanks.

    For a Currency NumericUpDown, see the instructions over here:

    Feel free to suggest your new MaskedEditBox control up on codplex at

    Please call out any usecases and why you need it.

    @Kiran –

    Source code for the Silverlight SDK, Silverlight Toolkit, tests, design time and samples is available in the Silverlight toolkit installer.

    @Dave –

    Mouse wheel was a recently added feature to SL3 and we’ll make sure the samples support that in vNext.


    Tour De flex contains mostly controls from 3rd party vendors (yahoo, ilog, etc) and not Flex SDK stock controls. If you’d like to see a full run of all controls in our ecosystem please visit:


    — Justin Angel

    Microsoft Silverlight Toolkit Program Manager

    (sorry for jumping into your blog like that Brad, couldn’t help it :))

  15. @JUSTIN says:

    You said it.. most but some are open source just the way we like it..

    "Tour De flex contains mostly controls from 3rd party vendors (yahoo, ilog, etc) and not Flex SDK stock controls. If you’d like to see a full run of all controls in our ecosystem please visit:"

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