Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) Preview 6: V1 Feature Complete Silverlight Support and Much More!

Today we released MEF Preview 6 on codeplex.  Not only is this the feature complete build for MEF V1.0 (which will ship with .NET Framework 4) but it also has the first drop of MEF for Silverlight!



Nick has the best summary of what is new.. but a few highlights:

  • Silverlight support
  • Lazy<T> replaces Export<T>
  • Collection import changes
  • Inheritance changes
  • Export attribute is unsealed
  • Stable Composition makes its debut
  • Please go download the bits (and full source) which works with .NET Framework 3.5 and Silverlight 3 on the CodePlex site.

    As always, we’d love your feedback and thoughts on MEF discussion forum

    Want to know more about MEF?  Check out Jason Olson’s new Video

    10-4 Episode 26: Creating Extensible Applications with the Managed Extensibility Framework


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    1. Jack says:

      Good news. Microsoft give us lots of framework for our developers which can speed up the development. Looking forward to it.

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