Link Round up on .NET RIA Services (April 13th)

A few more great posts on .NET RIA Services over the last week..


Again, let me know if I missed any…

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  1. shaggygi says:

    I’ve ask this before and know you’ve said it is on the roadmap, but I just wanted to get a little more info about how RIA Services fit into WPF world.  Will the next release (either preview, beta, go-live with SL3, or V1) include WPF?  Will there be any samples/walkthroughs on how to use?  Keep up the good work.  Excited to use RIA Services in the near future.

  2. Ian Smith says:

    Thanks for this but I think you got your months confused. It’s April 13th not March 13th!

  3. Adriano Machado says:

    It would be nice to see soon some of the announced WPF version of .NET RIA Services client controls.

  4. What's New says:

    A few more great posts on .NET RIA Services over the last week.. Christoph had a great post on Customize

  5. I have previously written about the UNPLUGGED road trip that Mike , Nathan and I have been on. I also

  6. mxp says:

    Microsoft should acquire Coolite and ExtJs and integrate to ASP.NET.

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