Framework Design Guidelines Book: Extra Content from the DVD Posted

Framework Design GuidelinesA few weeks ago a reader wrote in to tell me that they bought the Kindle version of the Framework Design Guidelines and was disappointed to not receive the DVD.  Well, I was of course immediately jealous because I don’t have a kindle, but when I got over that, I ask the our excellent publishers and Addison-Wesley what we could do for our Kindle readers.  To my (very pleasant) surprise, they suggested that we could just make all the DVD contents available for free on their website.  So now, everyone on the internet gets this small dividend from the kindle! 




Download the entire DVD in one zip file. NOTE: The file is 2.34 GB in size.  This includes a number of very helpful videos of presentations that cover much of the content of the book. 

Download everything but the Presentations, which includes:

Framework Layering tools

TxRef tool for creating simple C# headerfile views of frameworks

Sample API Specification

Links to FxCop and Framework Design Studio

BTW – if you have liked the book, or have some feedback that may help other readers,  I’d appreciate it if you wrote a quick review for Amazon.  This helps customers more quickly find material they are interested in (or not).   

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  1. What's New says:

    A few weeks ago a reader wrote in to tell me that they bought the Kindle version of the Framework Design

  2. Chris C says:

    Thats really great thanks. However, I just looked at the prices of the book and the kindle version. There isnt much of a difference! The kindle ad suggests books are a lot cheaper. Maybe the book should have a kindle or pdf version on it. I have bought 100s of books over the years on .net / sql server etc and want to move to a ebook library. This isnt much of an incentive. I think $20 is more than sufficient given the major cost savings to the publishers.

  3. KiggFish says:

    HI,Thank you for submitting this story – Trackback from KiggFish

  4. I just got a Kindle 2, and I love it, but I doubt I’ll buy any tech books for it.  Amazon sells the hardback for $39 and the Kindle for $32.  Aside from the publications and shipping costs (effectively zero) on the Kindle, there is also the lower quality (formatting problems) and less content (missing DVD).  It’s hard to feel good about saving the $7 with all that.

    Given the issues, I’d rather see a Kindle/eBook edition included with all tech books than one vs. the other.  I have the first ed. of "guidelines" and would love to get the second (great book) – and this is the exact type of book the search features of a Kindle were made for – but I’m not going to buy the book twice.

  5. Chris C says:

    Yes, I have the first ed also and wanted the second book but not at these costs. In the past I have bought the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the same books to get the changes, the problems i find is that they are the same book with slight content changes but dont warrant the cost. It would be nice if people like Brad who are involved in writing them etc could see this and provide updated books at a huge discount to existing owners (like an upgrade basically) even if just a digital version. I just think the only way devices such as the kindle will really take off is when the prices reflect the lack of a physical item. Think of the trees. I do get the argument of its the content, the format is secondary. However, the whole cycle of printing, shipping and storing or books is built into the price. Also, imagine the potential customer base of people with book one not wanting to shell out for a second because of costs. Surely you would end up selling more if it was a lot cheaper?

  6. Bydia says:

    I downnload the 2GB zip 2x from different locations on my end and both times the zip test showed a data error file is broken with the PresentationsFrameworkEngineering.wmv


  7. Mahesh says:

    I tried to download the DVD in one zip file but failed twice.

    Is there anyway we can download this successfully (2.4 gb file)?

  8. Aja says:

    Same here. I get to about 22% before the connection aborts. Perhaps there is another sirte, or an FTP site available?

  9. JD says:

    Yep, the download with the presentations is broken, Brad.

    The other one downloads quickly and fine, though.

  10. BradA says:

    Thanks for reporting it… I have asked my publisher to look into it.. I’ll post back here when I hear back.  

  11. Hi! Love the book! but when I try to download the presentations on this site i get a time out on the download after only 500 Mb =/.

    Is there a mirror to download from or an ftp?

  12. Alex O. says:

    Tried downloading at least 10 times from 3 different computers, using 2 different ISPs – always failed with the "Source file could not be read" error at various stages after downloading anywhere from 30 MB to 1.5 GB.

    Hopefully, the publisher can look into this.

  13. Christopher F. says:

    Use GetRight to download it and auto resume…That will get it all downloaded.

  14. Paragon says:

    the link doesn’t support resuming the download.

  15. Paragon says:

    Below is given the link from where you can download each file separately. Moreover its a lot faster. BTW thanks Brad.

    Here is the list of files available that comprise the DVD

       * API Usability (120.3 MB)

       * Building Progressive APIs (89.6 MB)

       * Designing Inheritance Hierarchies (116.5 MB)

       * FrameworkEngineering.wmv (371 MB)

       * FxCop Overview (108 MB)

       * KCwalina-Designing.NETClassLibraries.wmv (449.1 MB)

       * Managed Memory World (144.3 MB)

       * Member Types (282.2 MB)

       * Naming Conventions (103.4 MB)

       * Packaging and Deploying (114.7 MB)

       * Performance (155.1 MB)

       * Rich Type System (255.2 MB)

       * Setting The Stage (86.1 MB)

  16. Henning says:

    +1 for getting "broken" downloads. The complete DVD seems to always have the FrameworkEngineering.wmv broken.

    @Paragon: well, I tried all those downloads, but most of them just return a HTTP 404 🙁

    But the FrameworkEngineering.wmv is working – but unfortunatly this fails the validation as well … :((

  17. Marco says:

    Just tried to download from InformIT site and all files from FxCop Overview to the Setting the Stage are missing. Some IT publishing company, can’t even manage simple downloads.

  18. Wow, just now realizing I have the DVD loaded with videos on it.

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