ScottGu’s Mix09 Silverlight for Business Applications Demo

Some folks that could not make it to Mix have asked about Scott’s coding demo this year.  You can watch the full keynote to find it or, I clipped out just the coding bit.. 


As you can see we have added a lot of great support to Silverlight with Silverlight 3’s , Navigation, DataGrid, DataPager, DataForm, Charting (all from the Silverlight toolkit) and the .NET RIA Services support for great N-Tier data access. 


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  1. What's New says:

    Some folks that could not make it to Mix have asked about Scott’s coding demo this year.  You can

  2. Mike says:

    I am very disappointed to see that you would chose to include this old Soap Box Flash Player to exhibit content about Silverlight on the Premier Silverlight Site.

    The "Experience" does not even have a full screen toggle which would have at least made the code and screen views somewhat viewable.

    Really, I would expect more from you.

  3. BradA says:

    Mike — thanks, yes, excellent point..  I was just using LiveWriters video plug in support.. I will look to see if there is one for Silverlight streaming..  


  4. aviationplanning says:

    Neat but we really need:

    The charts to be more like the ones released for WPF. AKA the ones based on the Dundas IP with 5 or 6 more chart types and a nicer layout.

    We need the gauges from the same IP MS acquired.

    We need a OLAP control like the one in Flex or the RadarSoft control.  With OWC retired, Office 2007 a offline only option, and AJAX slow with lots of data, silverlight is the perfect platform for a new MS OLAP control.

    A way to render commerical maps without paying 10K+ for a Virtual Earth license.

  5. Jack says:

    Scott Guthrie has a free 185 page book chapter on ASP.NET MVC that you can download for free.

    Info on the book can be found at :

    The chapter is available directly at :

  6. Mahesh says:


    Is the code of this demo already published?


  7. Kevin says:

    Brad,  Thanks for putting using the LiveWriters because our machines are locked down and cannot install the Silverlight plug in.

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  9. A ton of folks have asked us about getting the source code to Scott’s cool coding demo. Watch the demo

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