Let Silverlight Power Your Netflix Experience!

As I am sure you have heard, Netflix is moving over to using Silverlight for their very cool streaming video service. This is already the default experience on the mac, but if you are a PC user you need to opt in to this experience for now as they are doing a staged rolled out.



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  1. Christopher says:

    I have already opt’ed in for the Silverlight player. It is pretty cool for the most part but when you are watching a movie full screen it is really choppy and the audio doesn’t always match the video. Though this could be a function of my PC’s speed a second issue I have with the player isn’t. When you are watching a movie, full screen or not, the screen saver still kicks in. Silverlight needs to be able to disable the screen saver in order for the Netflix player to be truly complete.

  2. ivan says:

    I did opt in some time ago, but video quality is not as good as on other web sites, I would say it has very low resolution. Netflix automatically determines video quality based on the connection speed, and there is no way to change it. Plus you have to wait about 30 seconds before movie starts.

    Try watching some shows at http://www.fox.com.

    No wait time, no glitches, HD quality over the same connection, and it is FREE.

    Which makes me wonder why am I paying Netflix for something that is of poorer quality, when I can get better for free? (Although, I do get DVDs in the mail with Netflix)

  3. Jack H. says:

    1. Installed "new" movie player after Netflix asked if I wanted the updated Netflix player. No straight forward mention of Silverlight.  2. Initially playing a Netflix instant movie caused an Internet Explorer problem with the MS addon "npctrl.dll" which is associated with Silverlight & this caused IE to crash.. Uninstalled & reinstalled Silverlight. NPCTRL.DLL problem fixed.  3. New problem: Screen saver kicks in for either full screen/reduced screen mode when playing a Netflix instant movie. This stops the video but keeps audio running normally.  Did Netflix try instant movies on Silverlight before  starting to use it? These are basic problems. Did MS stream movies under Silverlight before puttingit out for use? The movies I’ve watch seem to have better video quality but the other problems make Silverlight look like slipshod programming.


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