Need Windows Mobile Phone Recommendation

I am ready to replace my several year old Verizon XV6700… The 2nd replacement battery is not keeping me through the day any more, it is way too heavy and my colleagues pick on my for using such old technology 😉

I have a pretty good deal with Verizon, so I’d like to say with them if possible… The killer apps for me today are calendaring and basic email… but I’d love to use the phone as an MP3 player and GPS seems very sexy… I also really like to be able to use my phone as a modem for my laptop…

Do you have a mobile phone you love? What do you think I should get\avoid? Should I try to tough it out until after the holidays?


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  1. Luciano says:

    Hi Brad,

    I use the HTC Diamond it has a GPS (Using it with a Garmin XT Navigator) , a 3.2MP Camera, 4GB Internal Memory and it can share the internet connection (I didn´t try that yet). It also has a touch driven UI on top of windows mobile 6.1.

    PD: I saw your session about framework guidelines at the PDC and it was great. That drove me to buy your book wich I am reading now.


  2. Jason Olson says:

    I absolutely LOVE my Samsung BlackJack 2 and could not live without it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned (_especially_ after the WinMo 6.1 upgrade from Samsung).

  3. lhendricks says:

    I recommend looking at the HTC Touch Diamond as Luciano mentioned OR waiting a few more weeks to get your hands on a Touch Pro (A touch diamond that adds a slide out keyboard to the mix).


  4. Jonathan says:

    I’m in the same boat as you — looking for a new Windows Mobile-based phone, but for me, the killer app is the ability to run my own code on it.  The HTC Touch Pro is currently the one at the top of my list, but I haven’t serious looked at the other options yet.  I’m curious to see what everyone else seems to like.

  5. jhornberger says:

    I agree with the HTC Touch recomendations as far as windows mobile goes.  Verizon doesn’t really have anything new as far as wm goes, just the treo and some flip phone.

    Does anyone know if you can use the Touch on Verizon?

  6. Chad Moran says:

    I have a few recommendations.

    If you want a small phone that can last 2+ weeks without charging and has GPS than get the Motorola Q9m (Verizon version).  It does not have a touch screen but is a much smaller form-factor.  I have the Sprint version (Q9c) and I love it to bits.

    If you need/want a touch screen go for the VX6800 (HTC TyTN II/Mogul) which is just the next gen of the VX6700 that you have now.  Has GPS.

  7. ajma says:

    Touch Diamond.

    The Touch Pro is too bulky. The on-screen keyboard is good enough. The regular HTC Touch has a screen that’s too low rez.

  8. Daniel says:

    Wait, you don’t have access to some MS-Employee-Only WiMo7 Silverlight-based iPhone killer?

    Honestly I’ve tried several WiMo phones- including a $700 Omnia- and find them all pretty lacking in terms of usability and battery life.  I’ve pretty much decided to stick with my WiMo 6.1 HTC Hermes until WinMo 7 comes out.

  9. Why does it have to be Windows Mobile exactly?

  10. erik says:

    Try something new as the iPhone or the G1

  11. SteveH says:

    SonyEricsson Xperia X1


    Being European we have a fetish for phones, and I have had a new one each year for the last 8 years, from all the manufacturers.  The last 3 phones (including the X1 I just bought) were SE, this being their first Windows mobile (6.1 pro).  The only thing I dont like is it is heavy on battery, but I have it docked so much anyway it doesn’t matter.  Apart from that, it is by far the best phone I have ever owned.  My wife got an iPhone at the same time, and looking at the screens, I thought I had made a mistake, but now that I have been in all the nooks and crannys, what an amazing device.  Add an 8Gb card and it is complete.

  12. Johane says:

    Verizon is going to require unlimited Data plans with all new PDAs sold as of November 14th. The data plan is at least $29.99/month.

    Better option is to get a Verizon phone (from EBay) and then use it on Page Plus – the cheapest prepaid provider in the country. Any Verizon phone can be activated to work on their plan. The cost: minimum of $2.50/month with 5.7 cents/minute rates, 8cents per text message.

    See for more details.

  13. Ben says:

    Brad, I’m in the same boat as you–looking for a Windows Smartphone on Verizon.

    The only contenders (it seems to me) from Verizon are the Samsung i-760 and the VX8600. I was leaning to the i760, but when I walked into a store to get it last week I discovered they had been recalled. The reviews of the VX8600 are generally positive, and I’m considering getting that now. Like you, the main apps would be calendar and e-mail for me, and possibly an iPod replacement (as mine is slowly dying).

    The store I went to (in Redmond) said that they are upgrading the firmware and OS to 6.1, and will be sending the i760 back to stores within the month, so I might wait until December to make sure, or I’ll just get the VX8600.Another store I’ve called said that there were connection problems and they’ve all been pulled pending a new phone coming out. So who knows… I’ve found forums online where people share the news they’ve heard, but none of it is official.

  14. hashName says:

    Was about to say the ‘i’ word…but u’ve already mentioned abt ‘W’

  15. mohammed hossam says:

    I am using HTC Diamond from Sprint as well, for MS FTE’s it has a good deal 🙂

    The HTC Diamond GPS is very accurate the phone is very nice and the only confusion happens when you are talking on the phone when your ear accedently start pressing buttons and after you finish your call, you have to close all these opened apps

  16. Siamak says:

    I’d highly recommend the HTC touch Pro.  Currently Sprint & AT&T (Fuze) have it but I think Verizon should be getting it very soon.  Whatever you do, DO NOT GET Samsung!  The family and I have had a couple over the years and the things are really cheaply made.  It just starts falling apart after some time.

  17. Mehfuz says:

    Hi Brad

    I have a HTC , but the issue is that touch reflexes  not really good (In fact awful). In that case , if you are looking for windows mobile i guess Samsung Omnia is cool one with 5MegPix camera  and better touch reflexes.

    During the PDC , in the PDC market place i found one windows mobile called Plan Treo Pro , which is also a good one with Qwerty keyboard.

    Finally , Blackberry has a new line of product called Blackberry strom which is pretty cool as well with touch capability.

    I am not a CNet guy, but just presented my observation ;).

    Hope that helps,

  18. Danny says:

    I’m in need of a phone update as well.  My criteria are a bit different, though:  I’m a T-Mobile customer and satisfied with their service. Since I live in a rural mountain area with marginal cell signal from any provider, TMobile’s WiFi VOIP (HotSpot at Home) is very intriguing for this rural telecommuter.

    I’ve been holding out for a WiMo phone that supports TMo’s WiFi VOIP, but I have to say the Blackberry Pearl is looking very tempting.

  19. I have a Samsung i780 which I am extremely satisfied with. I don’t know if its available in the USA but I recently read something about an updated WM 6.1 version coming to the USA. Apart from features you require it has on-board WIFI, a ‘blackberry form factor’ thus a full qwerty keyboard, which may not look too sexy but certainly gives you far better control than all those hip touch screen phones. It has tons of memory, a 320×320 screen, several preloaded apps and most important for me (because I like to try my own code): a 624 Mhz processer that lets even the iPhone eat its dust, let alone the new HTC phones. As far as I know several newer Samsung WM phones are powered by this beast as well.

    Feel free to ask me for more feedback.

  20. Christian Schiffer says:

    If I were to buy a new phone right now, there is really only one choice, the HTC Diamond Touch. That is there are two choices now, the HTC Diamond Touch and the HTC Diamond Touch pro – depending on business or pleasure. The pro is a little thicker and has all the features of Touch but includes also a "full" qwerty keyboard.

    I myself use the Samsung SGH-U700 which is a really nice phone if you want a small phone capable of 3.5 G.

    My choice now would be the HTC Diamond Touch pro because in addition to all the cool features my phone has it also has touch screen, qwerty, wifi and the windows mobile operating system.

    Have fun 🙂

  21. Right now:

    HTC Touch Diamond / Pro

    Get the Pro if you need the keyboard, or the diamond if you want it small.

    Real soon:

    HTC Touch HD – unbelievable specs on this baby!

  22. Jamie says:

    HTC Touch Pro, or if you ever get it in the US, the Touch HD, or (again if you get it) The SE Xperia X1.

  23. neothoms says:

    I have a SE Xperia X1 it’s amazing.

    It’s fast, it is beautiful, it does almost everything and it has an outstanding battery life.

  24. Steve says:

    The HTC Diamond is a nice phone but it’s a gamble on whether you get a good one. There was a problem with the screens on some early handsets. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a recall so this bad stock is still circulating. I had 3 bad phones from 1 retailer. Had to get my new handset repaired by HTC in the end.

  25. jsmarsch says:

    I’ll probably get flamed for this, but I really love my iPhone…

    (and I don’t mean that as a knock on MS —I love developing on MS platforms, and most of my friends are shocked that I went Apple on this, but I just really like it)

  26. Rob says:

    I really like my SPrint HTC6700, but I am also in the same boat. The battery is starting to die. I’m running mobile 6 on it from the ppcgeeks "kitchen" mods – and am really interested in the new wireless routers that one could use to share the modem internet via USB.

  27. Rob Fahrni says:


    Why does it have to be Windows Mobile? The iPhone is a wonderful device, and the BlackBerry Storm looks like a great alternative.

    I use a BlackBerry Curve and I love it, so the Storm is looking really attractive, and Verizon is already pushing it.

    I can understand if the Windows Mobile choice is out of loyalty, but there are other great choices available.

  28. Kamran Shahid says:

    I will recommned to wait till next month as Microsoft eannounces IE 6 for windows mobile will be release in the end of 2008.

    Devices will be coming with this in a month or two

  29. Zack says:

    I just got an HTC Touch Pro from Sprint. I’m replacing a Palm 700w also from Sprint.

    I loved the Palm and almost replaced it with the Palm 800w but the HTC is awsome, it has WiFi, GPS, keyboard, and a bigger better screen. Battery lasts a long time.

    Don’t know if it is available with verizon.

  30. Zack says:

    also the HTC Touch Pro comes with IE and Opera mobile. Opera Mobile is pretty cool.

  31. lenny76 says:

    htc diamond is great but battery could be a problem if you use a lot gps gprs wifi and so on (less than half a day)

  32. tony says:

    I have a palm treo 750v running windows and i HATE it.  It functions fine as pda but they should get sued for false advertising calling it a phone.

    When I have to use the numeric keys to answer automated phone questions it invariably gets it wrong.  Tried to get into a conference call yesterday for 10 minutes.  Failed.

  33. Webdev511 says:

    I also have an XV6700, but don’t feel too inclined to upgrade. Yes, it’s heavy, mine even more so because I use the 2800 mAh battery, but I already use it as a modem (via bluetooth) and swap out miniSD cards for music and videos.

    If you’re adventurous you can update your device to  WM 6.1 and add in the touch flow UI. That should keep you chuging along until the HTD Touch HD is released here. You can spend the money you save on something else that your co-workers will envy but can’t afford because they bought a new phone instead.

  34. Eric Maier says:

    I purchased the HTC 8525 by AT&T and after 3 months the screen went white. So I went and bought another HTC and guess what happened 4 months later with that one…. yep! white screen of death! So be very cautious with the HTC phones, especially the ones with the qwerty keyboard slide out feature.

  35. Xian says:

    Looked at most of the phones mentioned here and I’ve come to the conclusion of the HTC Touch HD looks like the one to beat.

  36. max says:

    In the WM land HTC Touch Pro is the one to get. Touch HD is not going to be available in US.

    It’s actually a shame that you want to stick with Verizon. Did you try iPhone for any length of time? It is really THAT GOOD. The phone works. The email works (including Exchange integration). The browser even works. IE in WM is utter crap in comparison. Opera on WM tries to be mobile Safari, but can’t quite pull it off. Useful applications start to come out for the iPhone, and they are generally a joy to use. So, seriously, unless you DO have access to that WM7 goodness — nothing in the WM land comes close to iPhone as a package.

  37. Pete Brown says:

    The HTC Touch Pro will be availble on Verizon soon. It may be stripped down a little, so you might also consider the version put out by AT&T (Fuze) or Sprint.

  38. Maverick says:

    I second the HTC Touch Diamond or Pro. I got the Diamond a few months ago and absolutely love it – it’s quite small and the high-resolution screen is amazing.

  39. Green Williams says:

    Get an Android. You can learn a lot about how to build mobile software from Google. You can then teach it to Microsoft, save them time on reverse-engineering/copying.

  40. UncleRedz says:

    You should get the HTC Dream G1 Android phone, as stated above, if nothing else, use it for "competitor analysis". I’ve been through PalmOS, WM, Symbian, Sony Ericsson and I have to say that I really like the Android, it just works. The calendar is closer to the PalmOS feel, which I really like. Where as the WM calendar, in comparison to PalmOS and Android is very rough and hard to use.

  41. Steve says:

    Brad I was wondering if there is any update as to which phone you have gone with ?

  42. BradA says:

    I am thinking about going with the HTC Touch Diamond… I heard it was comming to Verizon in November, but it doesn’t seem to be there.. any ideas?

  43. Cyrus says:

    HTC Touch Pro for sure!!  Without a doubt, it’s the best WinMo device on the market, I did TONS & TONS of research before buying it and after the 3rd week of usage, still happy with it!

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