Book Plug: The C# Programming Language (3rd Edition)

At PDC2008, we shipped the third edition of the C# Language specification...  If you are a language-lawyer type or just like to know exactly how the latest version of the language works, this book is for you! 

In this addition, we tried something new, we asked some folks from the community to add some annotations about pit falls, best practices, and history.   Please take a look and let us know what you think... Do these sort of things work for you? 

Comments (6)

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  2. Anthony says:

    I bought the book and I must say I was a bit disappointed with the coverage of co/contravariance not to mention that some of the annotations are repeated over and over in adjacent subsections (i.e. look at pages 566 and 567)..

    The fit and finish was a disappointment  

  3. charris says:

    Being a specification, it’s pretty dry, but it serves as a great reference.  The annotations are definitely a nice addition though.  I’m enjoying the design guidelines book more.

  4. Jim Anderson says:

    I like reading the spec, because it contains just the essential info and concise, targeted examples rather than the many opinions, sample apps and analogies authors added to most C# programming books. Not that all that stuff can’t be valuable, but it is nice to have a source that is just the "facts" and not what some other author thinks or feels it is important to note.

    I just started reading the annotated version and am enjoying the comments and am happy to see some others thoughts on reading the spec were the same or similar to mine as well as some things I never would have thought off. I find this format (with annotations) to be interesting, especially when comments are included from the design team and "in the know" insiders on the design of the language.

  5. FouadS says:

    Please please if there is any pdf or something like i  can download

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