Book Plug: Silverlight 2 Unleashed

clip_image001I was very honored when Laurent Bugnion asked me to write the foreword for Silverlight 2 Unleashed.  Laurent has long been a very active member of the Silverlight (and general .NET) community.    He is plugged in and deeply understands the platform. 

You can read my forward on line.. 

Oh, and his book is in color, code samples and all!  very cool.




Comments (7)

  1. Jeff says:

    I’ve honestly been a little disappointed in the book’s approach. It seems very designer oriented and glosses over a lot of important concepts that I honestly wouldn’t be aware of had it not been for various WPF references. The book isn’t a total loss, I’m just not sure who the audience is.

  2. Andrei Rinea says:

    Slightly offtopic : I think you mean foreword instead of forward.

  3. BradA says:

    Thanks Andrei — fixed

  4. Pierre Dinnissen says:

    I’ve read your foreword and I have a question.  You state that it is seemless to install Silverlight on any platform including Linux.  However, I have not yet been able to find a Silverlight installer for Ubuntu from Microsoft.  Is Moonlight what I should be looking at?

  5. BradA says:

    Pierre — thanks for calling me on that… the Novel guys are just about done with their V1… when they are done they will have a great install experince… you can check out what they have now here:

  6. Vikas says:

    Does this mean that you recommend this book to .Net Developers ?

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