Repeat of the MEF talk at PDC2008

After the amazing great reception MEF got during ScottGu's keynote yesterday we had tons of people ask about a MEF session.  So we are VERY happy to be able to repeat Glenn's MEF session... Please come if you can.


TL33-R Managed Extensibility Framework: Overview [REPEAT]

Wed 10/29 | 4:45 PM-6:00 PM | 409A
Presenter: Glenn Block
Glenn Block

Please Note: This session is a repeat of TL33, which originally took place on October 27th at 1:45PM. The Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) is a new extensibility model in the .NET framework that provides a simple declarative model for application developers and extenders to build openly extensible applications. Come to this session and you'll learn about our Composition model and the APIs that work with it. You'll learn about composable parts, exports, imports and the composition container that brings them all together. You'll see how using the model you can develop open-ended applications that can easily be extended both internally and by third-parties.

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