Silverlight 2 Interview on HerdingCode PodCast

image Earlier this week Tim Heuer and I got a chance to be interviewed on the HerdingCode podcast.  Thanks to Jon Galloway and co for a great show!..  It was a very fun experience.   Here is the topic list we covered...  Fun, fun stuff!

Listen to our Silverlight 2 podcast!

  • What's new?
  • The relationship between the DLR and Silverlight 2
  • The Eclipse for Silverlight development
  • The Open Specification Promise for XAML
  • Progress on Mono / Moonlight
  • The elevator speech on Silverlight
  • How Silverlight fits in with AJAX
  • Can Silverlight support separation of concerns and testability?
  • Will Microsoft be shipping frameworks for Silverlight?
  • Will Silverlight support offline scenarios
  • Silverlight as a "line of business" platform
  • The WPF / Silverlight connection
  • The Silverlight open source community
  • The Flash question
  • The casual gaming market
  • Silverlight performance vs. Javascript
  • Speculation on Silverlight 3 features…
  • The non-Windows development experience
  • The Silverlight story for iPhone and other mobile platforms

I'd love to hear what you think about the podcast and Silverlight 2 in general... 

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  1. Ben Griswold says:

    Hi Brad, I really enjoyed the podcast. Thanks to you and Tim for accepting the interview with the Herding Code folks. I’m curious about the "Application Corner" which I heard mentioned on the podcast and I’ve seen called out on the forums.  Like a number of developers, I’m really looking forward to seeing some full-blown Silverlight application samples.  There was a comment made on the podcast, and unless I heard incorrectly, I believe the "Application Corner" is scheduled to roll this week.  Did I hear this correctly? Should we expect a big announcement once it’s in place?  Thanks.

  2. timheuer says:

    Ben: Thanks for the question — the app corner is on my plate.  To be honest it was scheduled earlier this week.  Microsoft had some hiccups with some of our download staging processes (where we put bits, etc.) and we missed a window.  The initial application will be using the AdventureWorks database and creating an HR employee management system with authentication/authorization, databinding, master/details, CRUD operations.  It will be a 2-3 part series.  Future will include pattern development, etc.  Please feel free to shoot ideas my way — it is something I want the community to benefit from and not be a dead resource.  Drop me a line anytime (

  3. BenHayat says:

    Hey Tim;

    I’m sure this new "Application Corner" will not be a dead resource. On the contrary, I think there is a huge hunger for that. My first question is, is this application going to use ADO.Net Data Services for CRUD or will you be using the more manual style using WCF?

    Secondly, for Authentication/authorization, will you continue based on some of the older videos you showed or what?

    Thanks Tim!


  4. timheuer says:

    BenHayat: The first apple will be simple CRUD using Astoria, yes.  The Auth/auth 🙂 will expand beyond the "how to setup" initially to show some actual uses and protecting the services, etc.  We’ll eventually get into more things like implementing MVP/MVVM pattern styles.

  5. In this issue: Shawn Wildermuth, Laurence Moroney, Dave Relyea, Mike Taulty, Andy Beaulieu, Brad Abrams

  6. Pooja says:

    i made a project in silverlight2 beta 2. but now i install silverlight2 final version. and now i am trying to convert my old version project in new one. i made all the changes but still i got one error and thats is in this line : new System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonEventArgs()

    the error says: the type System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonEventArgs() has no constuctor defined.

    and i know this that in silverlight 2 final version : You can no longer create the objects listed below because their associated constructors have been made internal:



    but i found no solution how to reamove this error.

    so could u please help me what to do..

    u can mail me at

    Thanks in advance


  7. Mark Washabaugh says:

    I’ve been assured from MS staff since August that the APp Corner would be up and running so. Excuses after apologies, I was given a reason why it wasn’t up yet.

    Here it is December 1, 2008 and still no Appliction Corner on Silverlight.

    I am sure Tim will over his usual apologies.

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