Framework Design Guidelines 2nd Edition Available today on Rough Cuts

Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reuseable .NET Libraries

Krys and I just finished writing the update to the framework design guidelines and you are can already get the "Rough Cuts"!   That is right, in today's instant information world why wait for copy editing, printing and shipping time! 

Framework Design Guidelines: Conventions, Idioms, and Patterns for Reuseable .NET Libraries on Rough Cuts

Expect it in on Amazon and in book stores late this year. 

Comments (11)

  1. Hi Brad,

    I have jut purchased a pdf copy of your book.

    Wish me good luck!



  2. Brian Lowry says:

    Hi Brad,

    The first edition was great. I actually referred to it in a post I wrote last night (write the code you would like your users to write and then build the framework around that – i.e. pseudo TDD). My question is what can I look forward to in this edition? How much could possibly change?

  3. I would have loved to see a ‘diff book’ for those of us who already have the first edition.

    I feel less excited about buying a full book to replace a book I already own than I would be if I could buy a short addendum book, simply because it would both go for less and I would not have to start scouring both for differences myself.

  4. Francois Ward says:

    Now that the second edition is coming out, I think its a good idea to push it. Hard.

    There is such a clear difference in efficiency when working in a team where people read that book, as opposed to those who didn’t (im generalizing of course!)… it should be on every freagin .NET tutorial, advertised on every Microsoft .NET related forum… everywhere. All .NET developers need to read it. -All- of them.

  5. Ben Hayat says:

    Hi Brad;

    Can you tell me what chapters are complete at this point, so whether I should buy it now or wait for the printed book?


  6. Hey Brad,

    As I told you when you were in SA, the 1st edition book could be considered the bible for .NET developers. Pity though that its own author doesn’t follow his own guidelines. 😉

    Would love to know whats news and whats changed.

    – Craig.

  7. mheller says:

    Basically, the 2nd edition updates the guidelines for .NET 3.5 and adds more annotations. All chapters are complete.

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