New Web Developer Tips and Tricks Blog

We recently launched a very cool tips and tricks blog series just for web developers.  The goal is to get a similar format to Sara Ford's successful tips and tricks series. 

We are of to a very goo start!

Did You Know… Tip #1 – Powerful CSS Tools to Create, Manage and Apply Styles

Tip #2 Did you know...The Style Application Toolbar works in both Auto and Manual modes?

Tip #3 Did you know… Split View could be set vertically in VS 2008


Look for more in the coming weeks... if you have any suggestions for tips, please send them my way... 



Comments (3)

  1. Where would I go to get help embedding a Deep Zoom Photo Composition into my blog posts? If you take a look at the URL above you’ll see what I mean. When I publish, the iFrame gets discarded somehow.

     Anyway, I would love to learn how to do this. I can provide the code I use if anyone wants to doctor me up.

  2. Kirk Jackson says:

    Cool! I’ve enjoyed Sara’s series, I look forward to enjoying this new one 🙂


  3. ASP.NET Via Brad Abrams , The Visual Web Development team has started a “Tips of the Week” blog series where they will share some great ideas at . Did You Know… Tip #1 – Powerful

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