100+ PDC Sessions Posted

I just saw that we released another round of PDC sessions... This is the first PDC Blog Bling Brainfor years where I have not been personally deeply involved in the planning, so it is fun for me to watch in unfold.. 


If you have not already, please register as the early bird discount runs out on August 15th. 

I thought I'd highlight a few of the sessions I have some context on.  I'd love to have your feedback on these as well any other thoughts you have about PDC this year. 


Deploying Web Applications with IIS7.0 and the Web Deployment Tool

There is some very cool work going on in Dev10 to make it much easier to deploy ASP.NET applications to testing and production and to internal web farms and large hosters. 


Windows 7: Touch Computing

Think Surface for the masses 😉


Deep Dive: Building an Optimized, Graphics-Intensive App in Silverlight

I love these deep dive talks, especially with Silverlight 2 shipping, I think many customers will be wanting set them selves up to get the most out of SL.    Do you think we should try to cover the common ground with WPF graphics in the same talk?


Silverlight: Building Business Applications

I have talked to a number of customers that are deeply interested in Enterprise RIA applications.  This talk will show some patterns as well as some future product directions.  Do you have a killer scenario we should use as an example for this? 


ASP.NET: Future Roadmap

We need a more catchy title for this, but our goal is to tell you folks what we are think we have heard from you on the direction ASP.NET should take in the future and get your feedback on that. 


ASP.NET MVC: A New Framework for Building Web Applications

You gotta have a MVC talk -- this one in particular will seek to introduce MVC... Do you think we need a deeper dive as well?  


Deep Dive: Understanding the Microsoft Silverlight Subset of Windows Presentation Foundation

The biggest strength .NET has is an consistent end-to-end continuum...  This talk will show you how to leverage the compatibility between Silverlight and WPF to share code and designer assets to maximize the value of both platforms.   Has anyone tired this out yet?  what works for you and what would you like more guidance on?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8: Developer Overview

IE8 is doing a ton to make ajax developers more productive. 


Microsoft Silverlight 2: Control Model

Are you more interested in hearing about all the controls (including a few new ones) and how to get the most out of them or on how to build your own controls?


A Lap around "Oslo"

The Chris Anderson and Don Box show is back!  This is a must see for the pure entertainment value! 


Parallel Programming for Managed Developers with the Next Version of Microsoft Visual Studio

We are starting to see a groundswell of interest in parallel computing on .NET... this talk will go into some cool things we are doing in Visual Studio and .NET to make it easier.


Agile Development with Microsoft Visual Studio

While I am not deeply involved in this, it is great that VS is embracing TDD, refactoring and other agile methods! 


The Future of C#

Who could miss Anders Hejlsberg?  Last PDC Anders introduced us to LINQ -- this year what will it be?


Future Directions for Microsoft Visual Basic

And to be fair, Paul Vick will show you where VB is going... 

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  1. PDC2008 says:

    Noise is elevating with the posting of new sessions on August 1st. Brad Abrams highlights sessions and

  2. 【原文地址】 100+ PDC Sessions Posted 【原文发表日期】 04 August 08 07:33 我刚刚看到,我们已经发布了新一轮的PDC的议程……近年来,我还是首次没有直接参与PDC的计划

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