Great User Experience Example in a Business Application

DNR-TV has a great talk\demo with Billy Hollis on a next generation business applications in WPF and Silverlight.  Billy is working with a customer to provide a temp worker to job matching services.  So far the application is in WPF, but they are planning to create a Silverlight version as well.    Watch the web cast for a full demo.

A few things I thought was cool:

  1. They use visual clues effectively to direct the users attention (for example per-entity model pop-ups)
  2. They multiple-module editing model.  Many records can be edited at the same time.  There is great navigation and notification support to manage all of this.
  3. Dirty tracking seems nicely done.


Billy, we are all looking forward to playing with the real thing! 

Here are a few screen shots:




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  1. NC says:

    awsome application. Silverlight and WPF will provide great applications in a close future.

  2. Edddy says:

    This is really a great example of a LOB app. Really nice how they handle multiple windows.

    Would be nice if they share a little more:

    * How the MDI is handled?

    * How about the reports section?

  3. vgopinath says:

    excellent, any way to release the source code, would be very useful.

  4. Shawn says:

    Wow..that looks fantastic.


    We need more large example apps that show best practices. I’d love to know how they handled validation, MDI, modal dialogs etc.

    Would also be nice to see some tips on designing with silverlight in mind. I know Billy mentioned triggers…seems like that will be one of the bigger hurdles to overcome if they port this to sliverlight.

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  6. pkellner says:

    is this in anyway related to the Composite Application guideance for WPF?

  7. David Garcia says:

    No, this isn’t related to the composite application guidance

  8. Normally Business Solutions tend to have a "grey" design and don't always have the best

  9. abc says:

    This entire app is written in VB right?

  10. Billy Hollis says:

    That’s correct, abc. Not a curly brace in the whole thing.

  11. Jax says:

    Billy mentions the Sticky notes source is available on his site, but I can’t seem to find it – anyone who has a link, please post.

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  13. Rico Alexander says:

    Beautiful app.  Any chance we could get some hints on how the modal windows and dirty data was handled?

  14. Matt says:

    Any suggestions on how to start out learning WPF?  Books, training, etc.?

  15. Todd Haehn says:

    I watched the video several times!! Can anyone tell me how the multiple pages are managed?  All the samples that I have seen with WPF have only one page.

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