TechEd2008 from your Couch

Seeing on the buzz from TechEd, I am bummed not to be there... I could not justify the trip to the image family with my big 10,343 mile trip to South Africa... 

So I get the enjoy TechEd from my couch here like many of you.  The good news is not only is there a ton of good blog traffic, but there is also TechEd Online.

There is three great clips from the Keynote today:

  • Silverlight 2 Beta 2 Announced (2 min 49 sec)
    Bill Gates announces Silverlight 2 Beta 2 and S. Somasegar demonstrates how the Crossfader application was built with Silverlight.
  • ADO.NET Distributed Cache (6 min 28 sec)
    SQL Server 2008 features including Spatial, Sync Framework and Sync Services for ADO.NET, and SQL Server Data Services.
  • Application Development, Looking Ahead(1 min 44 sec)
    Bill Gates discusses the future of application development and what to expect in the coming months.
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio Kit(2 min)
    University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Ballmer Bot takes the stage at Tech·Ed 2008.

Stay tuned to TechEd Online, as there is more to come!

Oh and if you are at TechEd, be sure to check out Kathy's talk... what a great way to end the conference! 

WUX10-TLC Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Building a Great Microsoft Silverlight Application
Friday, June 6 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM, Blue Theater 2 
Speaker: Kathy Kam
Track: Web and User Experience
Level: 300 - Advanced

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  1. hhrvoje says:

    too bad there’s no live stream…

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