Mix Essentials Event in South Africa in June

I am very excited that Joe Stagner and I will be heading to South Africa the week of June 23rd.   While banner_120x90 we are there, we will have a chance to interact with the very passionate .NET community in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. 

The South Africa Mix Essentials is an excellent chance to have a conversation about the next generation of web and designer technologies.   I hope you can make it!

Same great content, two venues: 


I'll be giving some very cool web technology talks while I am there including:

- Silverlight 2 (beta2!) Developer overview where I will talk about our generalal goals for Silverlight in the RIA space and walk through how to build a Silverlight application end-to-end. 

- Building Great Web Applications with ASP.NET AJAX where I will talk about some of the new AJAX\JavaScript advances in VS2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.  This will be an all-demo-no-slides sort of talk, so it will be a ton of fun!

- ASP.NET Futures including ASP.NET Dynamic Data and ASP.NET MVC

While I am there, I will also do a couple of user group events.. here is what we have locked so far:

On June 23rd, I will be talk to a local .NET users group in Johannesburg about Silverlight 2!  Thanks to Craig Nicholson for getting this setup

On June 25th, I will be talking to a local .NET Users group in Cape Town about ASP.NET MVC.  Thanks to Hilton Giesenow for getting it setup


I have never been to South Africa before, so any thoughts on what would be good to see while I am there?  See you there!


update: added the Johannesburg event, thanks Craig!

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  1. karl1406 says:


    Someone is going to have a SUPER time!!

    Does this mean we will be getting Silverlight Beta 2 around the same time?



  2. Hi,

    I’m most unfortunately not going to be able to make it to Mix Essentials in Johannesburg.  If you would like some suggestions for things to do, just let me know how long you’ll be here.  If you don’t have lots of time to travel, you can visit the Lion Park (not too far from Microsoft’s Offices in Bryanston) there’s also the Lesedi Cultural Village, the Apartheid Museum in Newtown (I think), and trips to Soweto.  There’s also the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve about 2hrs drive away that has some great opportunity for seeing game.  (And if you’re there, there’s a place where you get to see/pet/interact with a bunch of carnivores – I think its called Predator World – its right near Sun City and I know that a bunch the guys from our local Developer User Group visited there after one of the TechEd’s and it looked awesom).  If you’re more into conservation, there’s the De Wildt Cheetah project where you get to learn a bunch about their project to help protect Cheetahs (and you get to pet a cheetah at the end – if you make a small donation… my wife loved that)

    Hope that helps.  If you’d like more info, feel free to contact me via my blog, or at p a u l [at] D-i-gitaltinder.com (minus all the spaces and -‘s)



  3. Nicole says:

    I have already registered for the Cape Town event before I even got the RSS feed with this post in it.

    One thing you must see is the view from the top of Table Mountain when you are down in Cape Town. It is spectacular.

  4. Rudi Grobler says:

    Hi Brad…

    Looking forward to seeing you live! Can’t wait for the Silverlight track!


    Rudi Grobler

  5. Paul Miell says:

    Hi Brad

    One thing about South Africa is that things happen a little after the fact here, so it would be nice to see practical examples of how these technologies are providing actual value to different industries over there in a 1st world country. Business is increasingly putting pressure on IT to improve the business processes using technology and "wow thats cool" at conferences does not cut it anymore, I would like for example to see how Silverlight is practically making a difference over Flash etc. I am in the health industry.

    Looking forward to seeing you here in Africa, hope you have fantastic stay.

  6. Theodor Kleynhans says:

    Hi Brad,

    I’m also looking forward to seeing you down here in Cape Town.

    Like Nicole said, you should make a point of getting to the top of Table Mountain via the cable car (weather permitting). Definitely worth a visit is the wine route. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s also shark-cage diving 🙂

    It’s difficult to make suggestions without knowing how long you’ll be here for, but if you have (or can make) the time you should definitely try to go to the Kruger National Park for a couple of days while up there in Johannesburg.

  7. DaveP says:

    Impossible to answer, I know, but will the Silverlight 2 Beta 2 components be released by then?

  8. Brad Abrams : Mix Essentials Event in South Africa in June 6月24日に南アフリカでMix Essentialsというイベントが開催されるそうですが、そこでSilverlight

  9. I’ve got a lot of RSVPs for people very excited for this event. We can’t wait to have you visit us!

  10. Seeing on the buzz from TechEd , I am bummed not to be there… I could not justify the trip to the family

  11. Programming says:

    Seeing on the buzz from TechEd , I am bummed not to be there… I could not justify the trip to the family

  12. Marco says:

    Although I am not a programmer, I am really interested in web designing and web applications, so I will definitely be there. South Africa, in general, is a beautiful place and almost every place you go there is something new and exciting to see. I only hope I am not the youngest there.


  13. Lennie says:

    Hi, Looking forward to meeting you 🙂 Table Mountain in Cape Town is worth visiting aswell as a wine route around Paarl / Wellington / Worcester if you love wine.



  14. Rudi Grobler says:

    If you haven't yet registered for Mix Essentials , register here ! Here is a list of the tracks Silverlight

  15. I had a little time while traveling to South Africa so I thought I’d update my Silverlight FlickR demo

  16. I had a bit more time on my travels , so I cooked up this brief introduction to Dynamic Data . 

  17. Yet still more time on traveling , I thought I’d do a little demo of a data oriented scenario with Silverlight.

  18. For my Mix Essentials talk in South Africa I updated my Mix08 talk Building Great AJAX Applications from

  19. Rudi Grobler says:

    A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a local company ( K2 ) that featured in the PDC keynote… Well,

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