Job Openings Working on the .NET Framework Product Team

The single biggest factor for success on any project I have been apart of in the last 10 years at Microsoft is the people.  In a business like ours where intellectual capital is the biggest asset, hiring and growing people is an extremely important task. 

I have gathered some details on a few positions working on the .NET Framework product team, if you are interested  please click on the link and apply... If you know someone who would be just prefect for the job, please send them a link!

A few general tips for folks interested:

  1. Know what you want to do, but be flexible.  We typically hires for a specific role on a specific team.  The system is geared to work that, so if you have some solid ideas on what you'd like to get more information on that helps a lot.  During the interview process, if it becomes clear you'll be a better fit for a different position we will suggest that you. 
  2. Specific knowledge of .NET is not required.  By and large we don't hire for specific skills.  We hire for passion, smarts and the drive to get things done.  If you have those attributes, my feeling is that you can learn the details of .NET.   In fact, I think it is a plus if a candidate as deep experience in related technologies in the industry. 
  3. Follow your passions. The best way to succeed at Microsoft is to do something you are passion about.  That passion could be about the life changing technology you are working hard to bring out to customers, it could be people you get to work with on a day to day biases, it could be about the way we do development.  Whatever your passion is, find the position that best helps you follow it!
  4. A few details...For most jobs, we do consider international candidates, so please go ahead and apply!  For these jobs we do need you to relocate to sunny Redmond, WA.  We aren't looking for contractors or work-for-hire for any of these, we are looking for folks that want to make a career at Microsoft.


Program Manager Jobs

These are job openings on my team.  Read my past few "PM tips".. chances are if they resonate with you you could be a fit.   For both of these are are looking for senior folks...  people with 5+ years of industry experience and of course a passion for these spaces is very important.

Managed Extensibility Framework PM

We are looking for a someone to drive the release and design of the very recently announced Managed Extensibility Framework.  Our high level goal is to evolve the state of the art of component development.  If you know what DI, IoC and TDD\BDD are that is a good first step!  We have some big customers internally and lots of interest already externally.  Please see Krys's blog for more details and apply on line

Core ASP.NET Feature PM

ASP.NET runs a large chunk of the web today and there are some very exciting plans for what we can do to make it even better in the future.  If the day in the life of a ASP.NET PM sounds like your prefect day at work, then apply on line.


Software Development in Test

SDETs on our team are talented application developers and testers.  Our products (ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight 2, and Windows Forms) are focused on developer technologies and are first-class frameworks.  SDETs on our team are successful by representing the customer, participating in product design, and innovating in the test space.  SDETs are often the very first people that get to build applications with new technology that comes out.  They thrive on finding design and implementation issues early in the cycle and ensuring the customers have an excellent experience with the product. Apply on line.

Test Manager

For the ASP.NET Test Manager, we’re looking for someone who can manage a strong team of 25+ technical SDET’s to deliver the next generation web application platform.  Successful candidates are those that have experience shipping multiple products and can advance the state of the art of software testing. Apply on line


ASP.NET Developer

As you likely know AJAX development is becoming increasingly important.  We have some great plans for what is coming in the future of the Microsoft Ajax Library (part of ASP.NET AJAX) and we'd love to have your help in making it happen.  Of course you can work on any of the other tons of Ajax libraries out there, but only at Microsoft can you work on the Ajax framework that will be the best tooled, best server integrated, best supported and most used!   Apply on line


Other Positions:

Also, related my good buddy Doug Purdy has some very cool sounding positions open on his team as well:

New Languages & Compilers


Please apply on line for any of these positions or drop me an email if you have specific questions. 

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  1. If there is an Emacs.Net, there better be a Vi.Net too 😉

  2. I’ve has some good manager and I’ve had some really, um, bad managers. In my seven years at Microsoft

  3. I’ve has some good manager and I’ve had some really, um, bad managers. In my seven years at Microsoft

  4. z says:

    I wonder who want to work like that

  5. Curious says:

    Can you give some idea as how salaries work at MS?

  6. Are you interested in working on .NET and helping to shape it’s future?  The .NET Framework team

  7. Revisando el blog de Brad Abrams encontré que están buscando algunas posiciones para el equipo de producto

  8. BMavi says:

    Hi Brad, I tried a lot since last year, but didn’t get any response. Is there any short cut ?


    B. Mavi

  9. Brian Mize says:

    Is it really sunny in Redmond???  ðŸ™‚

  10. T. Siddiqui says:


    I’m an developer with 4 + years of experience.

    In the last few months or so, i’ve started taking an interest in client side programming , java script and AJAX and have been trying to learn as much of it as possible.

    Your job opening for an Asp.Net developer for AJAX sounds like a dream job.

    I did apply online. Hopefully i’ll hear from you guys.

  11. Navegando por la red me encuentro con un post de Brad Abrams, en el que comenta que están buscando

  12. Navegando por la red me encuentro con un post de Brad Abrams, en el que comenta que están buscando

  13. Navegando por la red me encuentro con un post de Brad Abrams, en el que comenta que están buscando gente

  14. 私は、すばらしいマネージャの下で働いたことも、本当にひどいマネージャの下で働いたこともあります。 マイクロソフトでの 7 年間、私は 5 人のマネージャの下で働きましたが、そのうち 4 人とはもう一度仕事をしたい

  15. Tengo says:

    I’m a .Net developer, I’m originally from Georgian republic (it’s in Europe), and currently living in Ukraine, Kiev, and working as a .Net developer. 5+ years of experience. Working experience in ASP, ASP .Net, C#, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, SQL Server 2000/2005. I think my experience can be useful.

    I’m not sure if I can apply while I’m living not in USA, if it’s possible, then I guess it’s possible someone from MS Inc. to see my comment.

    Thank you for your time.


    Tengiz Tutisani.

  16. Miemblogs says:

    Navegando por la red me encuentro con un post de Brad Abrams, en el que comenta que están buscando

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