Stand alone FXCop download

As many of you know, FxCop is static code analysis tool that we originally wrote to ensure the .NET Framework itself adheres to the .NET Framework Design Guidelines

The tool as been integrated into Visual Studio as the "Code Analysis" feature, but we also continue to ship the stand alone FxCop download.

Check out the FxCop team blog and download FxCop 1.35 from Code Gallery.


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  1. Jeremy Jenkins says:


    This is a fantastic tool. I have also read your book ‘Framework Design Guidelines’ and would highly recommend to those designing frameworks and those whom are interested in best practices Do’s and Don’ts.  Awesome!

    Thanks again,


  2. Josh Coswell says:

    This will help me undrstand in a deeper way the tasks associated with code analysis.


  3. Brad – what about FxCop 1.36 standalone? Beta 2 has been out for ages and the VS integrated stuff seems to be the only stuff spoken of these days.

    It’s a shame VS Pro Sku’s don’t come with code analysis as I think its a core tool that all should have.

  4. I agree with Granville. The lack of the code analysis tools in VS Pro has been a real bummer for a while now.

    FxCop is great because it’s easy to use and just promotes good code. It has been a great addition to the toolset. Maybe the 1.36 release will allow it to be integrated more easily integreated with VS2008? (Fingers crossed)

  5. Francois says:

    I agree with those who said it already: the lack of code analysis in Pro is a bummer…

    Fact is, the Team Developer Sku is simply not worth the extra cash, since all it offers is integration of things that are available outside… but at the same time, it IS good stuf (just not worth the extra grands).

    Microsoft seems to have issues finding tools that are "worth it" to add in the Team skus (not just Dev, but Dev is the worse), while not bumming the ones with Pro that could look at Eclipse (or whatever) as an alternative…

    Personally, I think everything should be available in the Pro sku (including the architect, DB dev and tester stuff, and allowing the Team Explorer to be used with it, as is now), and just add up deep TFS integration in a single Team SKU of VS. Or something.

    We’re using VS2008 Developer here, because we got it out of the MS partner program, and its great, but I’d never be able to justify the cash for it, even when I worked for a Fortune 10.

    So come on, just make it back that the Pro SKU has all of the VS features, and find another way to make the Team MSDN subscription worth it.

  6. Granville says:

    I think the only tool that warrants the extra cost is the profiler, the cyclomatic analysis tools would be another great addition to VS Pro. Code cov is another one that I think would benefit from being in the Pro Sku as well, I have to resort to using NCover because of the extra $’s required to get this stuff, same for the profiler and cyclomatic analysis (ANTS, and NDepend respectively).

  7. Brad Abrams からです。 Stand alone FXCop download GotDotNet で公開されていた FXCop が MSDN Code Gallery に変更されています。

  8. Brad,

    Can you comment on what is different between FxCop 1.35 and the 1.36 Beta?

  9. saurabh says:

    how can i purchase the lisance of Fxcop

  10. BradA says:

    It is free!   You can find more information above and here:

  11. Dan says:

    saurabh, did you try clicking on any of the links in the article? It’s all free.

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