Silverlight 2 Developer Poster

At Mix08, the Silverlight 2 Poster was a hot item given out in many of the session.   If you didn't get yours or if you couldn't make it, you can feel free to download and print your own!

Silverlight MIX08 (Controls 5_1)

[JPG version 5.8MB] [PNG version 6.5MB]  [TIF Version 19.9 MB]

Also, note that Joe did a very cool DeepZoom version. 

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  1. Yuanjian says:

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  2. gOODiDEA says:


  3. Techniques says:

    Brad Abrams has a link up on his blog to the Silverlight 2.0 developer poster including JPG, PNG, and

  4. Pavel's Blog says:

    למי שיש מקום מיותר על הקיר, הנה קישור לפוסטר של namespaces and types עבור Silverlight 2 החדש.

  5. rei says:

    You MUST mention Mono and Moonlight under platforms.

    It doesn’t matter that it’s not a Microsoft project; the fact of the matter is that it IS being supported.

    I already hear people reading this poster and thinking Mono isn’t being supported at all.

    Bad. Fix. Please.

  6. At Mix08, the Silverlight 2 Poster was a hot it

  7. Potete scaricare il poster su Silverlight 2 per sviluppatori ai seguneti link dal post di Brad Abrams

  8. Brad Abrams says: At Mix08, the Silverlight 2 Poster was a hot item given out in many of the session.

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  10. Martin says:

    Why is Opera not mentioned?

    Did you stop to colaborate?

  11. Murat YILMAZ says:

    Silverlight 2.0 Developer poster

  12. Kyle says:

    Is there a way you can get a hard copy version mailed to you?

  13. Silverlight 2.0 – Classes Efetue o download e explore as classes do Silverlight.

  14. TerryLee says:


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  16. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  17. Post: Approved at: Mar-17-2008 Silverlight 2.0 Developer Poster Brad Abrams has posted the Silverlight

  18. tomledk says:

    Har du ikke allerede hentet den så er det her det sker!

  19. Brad Abrams posted links the the SL2 poster, Shawn Wildermuth has links out to a discussion of a Cross

  20. Silverlight2 Developer Posterが公開されています。

  21. Silverlight2 Developer Posterが公開されています。

  22. Silverlight 2.0 Developer Poster

  23. Silverlight 2 Developer poster

  24. Rilaciata in beta la nuova versione di SIlverlight annuciata al Mix ’08 Di seguito il poster con le indicazioni

  25. WOW the Web says:

    欢迎来到 Silverlight 2 发现之旅 北极站。本次旅行的相关资源链接你可以从下面的列表中获得。 参考资源: Silverlight 官方社区 MSDN Silverlight 专栏 Expression

  26. I’ll be using this page to link to Silverlight 2 articles and posts (both ones I write as well ones by

  27. В блоге Брэда Абрамса я нашел интересный <a href="

  28. Silverlight技巧,诀窍,教程和链接



  29. WOW, The Web says:

    本课程主要涵盖的内容: 01. 2D Vector Animation/Graphics 02. Framework Languages 03. System.Diagnostics.Debug 04.

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  31. We have good news : everything you learnt about the Web applies to Silverlight development since Silverlight

  32. Last year I&#39;ve come across a lot of posters related to .NET / Office / SharePoint development. They

  33. If you didn’t attend MIX you missed out on getting the Silverlight 2 developer’s poster. However, Brad

  34. truejob says:




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